Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Educational Management and Administration (CoEMA 2017)

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54 articles

Effectiveness of Education for Knowledge use of Genitalia Antiseptics for Adolescents

Dwi Dwi Sogi Sri Redjeki, Hendy Agus Rochyanto
This study aims to determine the level of effectiveness before and after being given education about the use of antiseptic genitals to know about young girls in Senior High School 11 Banjarmasin (SMAN 11 Banjarmasin). Research using Quantitative approach with Pre-Experimental Design method and One Group...

System Management of Internal Quality Assurance for College at the University of Islam Balitar Blitar Indonesia

Anang Anang Dwi Putransu Aspranawa, Dyah Dyah Pravitasari
Quality assurance is the process of determining and fulfilling quality standards with consistent, systematic and sustainable management, to meet the needs of internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Universities are qualified if they are able to realize their vision through the implementation...

Personal Values and Social Skills Student MTS and its Development in Curriculum and School Program

Nurul Nurul Ulfatin, Amat Amat Mukhadis
Personal and social skills are two types of dimensions of life skills that are often overlooked in the school curriculum. For MTs students, both are key skills to facilitate the formation of rational and balanced behavior between inside and outside the classroom. The results showed: (1) personal values...

Customer Satisfaction Reviewed from Problem Based Learning, Leadership and Alumni Concern

Slameto Slameto, Bambang Bambang Suteng Sulasmono, Krisma Krisma Widi Wardani
This study aims to measure the level of satisfaction of graduates of Satya Wacana Salatiga Christian University's Education Management Master Program and identify the determinants of user satisfaction of the graduates in question, which of them is leadership, environmental awareness and problem solving...