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The Pricing for Warrant Bonds under Fractional Brownian Motion

F.Y Chen, Y.Y Tan, Y.Q Li
Assuming that the underlying stock follows Fractional Brownian motion and that stochastic interest rate meets the Vasicek model of interest rates, this paper establishes pricing model of Warrant Bonds and deduces the pricing formula of Warrant Bonds by utilizing risk-neutral valuation theory. Finally,...
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A Stochastic Epidemic Model with Constant Immigration and Multi-Dimensional Noises

L.J Hu, W.Q Shen
In this paper we extend a classical SIS epidemic model from a deterministic framework to a stochastic one by introducing two random perturbations in the model for transmission parameter and cure parameter, and formulate it as stochastic differential equation (SDE) for the number of infectious individuals...
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Pricing Policies in a Dual-channel Supply Chain with Manufacture Services

J.F Tian, T.J Fan, J.L Hu
With the rapid development of network and information technology, online channel as a new business model has improved the structure of offline channel, but also caused a huge impact on offline channel, channel competition has entered the online channel. Manufacturer in this paper has only one online...
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Mathematical Models for Controlling Wetted Soil Masses Forming under the Practice of Water Added Corn seeding

Y.G Yang, W. Zhang, G. Yang
As one China specific practice, the practice of water added seeding is simple, convenient and cheap to adopt and its most important strength is that it is suitable for developing countries to adopt it. In order to increase penetration depth and reduce evaporation of irrigation water with the conventional...
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Numerical Prediction on the Mechanical Behaviour of Laser Peened Bulk Metallic Glass

J. Fu, H.G Shi, C. Zheng, Z. Ji
Laser peening is an innovative surface treatment technique similar to shot peening, but it can introduce deeper compressive residual stress layers to materials for improving their fatigue life and plasticity. In this paper, a three dimensional finite element model has been developed to numerically simulate...
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Discussions about the Best Methods of Collision between Merchant Ships and Fishing Boats during Fishing Seasons Near Chinese Coast

X.K Wang, Z.X Zhou, Y. Liu, H.R Song
With our country's economic developments and the developments of fishery, near the coast of China, the number of fishing boats and merchant ships are becoming biger and biger. Sometimes, the collisions between fishing boats and merchant ships have occurred. While most of the collisions happened during...
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Direct-Estimation of Sea State Bias in Hy-2 Based on a Merged Dataset

X. Wang, H.L Miao, G.Z Wang, Y.Q Wang, J. Zhang
In this paper, a merged dataset of collinearly-processed sea surface height (SSH) derived from more than 200 repetition periods of Geophysical Data Record (GDR) data of T/P, Jason-1 and Jason-2 satellites is achieve. A direct-estimation method based on the merged dataset with a resolution of 0.25×0.25...
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Study on Flow Field Performances of Oil Film Bearing in High-Speed Roll Grinder Based On FLUENT

H.C Wu, S.T Chen, X.J Meng, K.J Linghu
Flow field performances of a kind of oil film bearing in high-speed roll grinder are revealed by means of FLUENT fluid dynamics software, and structure defects of the bearing are found. On these bases, structure of the bearing is improved, and flow field performances of the bearing are analyzed again,...
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Susceptibility Analysis of Earthquake-Induced Landslide Using Random Forest Method

T.Y Miao, M. Wang
This paper used random forest method to produce susceptibility analysis for earthquake-induced landslides. A landslide susceptibility model was built based on random forest method and data of environment variables and Newmark displacement. Landslide susceptibility mapping and attributes evaluation was...
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Systematic Digitized Treatment of Engineering Line-Diagrams

T.Z Sui, H.S Qi, Q. Qi, L. Wang, J.W Sun
In engineering design, there are many functional relationships which are difficult to express into a simple and exact mathematical formula. Instead they are documented within a form of line graphs (or plot charts or curve diagrams) in engineering handbooks or text books. Because the information in such...
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Study On Group Velocity Of Oceanic Internal Solitary Wave

X.D Zhang, J. Wang, L.N Sun, J.M Meng
Internal solitary wave is one of difficult problems in ocean field, scholars have applied different methods to investigate parameters of internal solitary wave, and group velocity is an important parameter for the internal solitary wave prediction. In this paper, equation used to describe group velocity...
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Co-Evolutionary Multi-Objective Multidisciplinary Design Optimization For Hypersonic Vehicles

D. Zhang, S. Tang
Integrated design of airframe/propulsion of hypersonic vehicles is a problem of multi-objective multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) for complex coupled systems in nature. In order to implement a MDO on airframe/propulsion integration, firstly the design structure matrix was established based...
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Entropy Of Soft Sets

K.Y Qin, J.L Yang
This paper is devoted to the discussion of uncertainty measures of soft sets. We make an analysis of the existing works on soft set entropy and show their limitations. We propose a new axiomatic definition of soft set entropy. Furthermore, some distance based entropies for soft sets are presented.
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Experimental Research On Flight Patterns Of Bees

H.Y Zhao, P.F Zhang, Y. Ma, J.G Ning
For the research on the bees flight, the experimental platform combined of smoke wind tunnel and high speed camera has been set up. The information of bees flight on the plane can be synchronously recorded by two high speed cameras. By the analysis of pixel coordinates of bees wings on the photographs,...
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Dynamic Analysis Of The Mooring System For A Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Spar Platform

D. P Zhang, K. Q Zhu, B. Jing, R. Z Yang, Z. C Tang
Based on the 5 MV wind turbine of a certain renewable energy institute in America, the model of a floating offshore wind turbine spar platform mooring system has been established by Orcaflex. By calculating the load on the wind turbine, the hydrodynamic analysis of the wind turbine mooring system was...
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Variations of Bergman Kernels for Some Explicitly Given Families of Planar Domains

Y.Y Wang
We study the parameter dependence of the Bergman kernels on some planar domains depending on complex parameter? in nontrivial ``pseudoconvex" ways. Smoothly bounded cases are studied at first: Itturns out that, in an example where the domains are discs, the Levi form for the logarithm of the Bergman...
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Firing Simulation Studies of Household Porcelain in Shuttle Kilns

Z.Z Zhang, J.H Feng, W.G Liu
This paper aims at the sintering technological process in the trial-production of household porcelain, which simulates the firing process of household porcelain (bowl for example) by using 3D simulation software (FLUENT6.3), for different flow rates of the burner to simulate different shape/position...
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Dynamic Analysis of Cable-towed System During Ship in 180° U-turn Maneuver

Y. Zhang, K.Q Zhu, Y.C Miao
This paper analyses nonlinear dynamics of cable-towed system. A numerical model of marine cables with bending stiffness is presented based on three-dimensional lump-parameter approach and validated by Orcaflex. The dynamic response of a cable-towed system during ship in 180° U-turn maneuver is studied...
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Research of the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Ocean Spar Sea Station

W.B Xu, K.Q Zhu, Y.C Miao
The ocean spar sea station has not been widely applied in our country, but its good ability to resist deformation and characteristics of subsidence made it has an irreplaceable role in the deep water. If one deep sea cage can be developed with independent intellectual property rights on the basis of...
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Three Dimensional Shear Stress Along Bonded Interface between Fiber Reinforced Plasticplate and Concrete

X.H Chang, H.H Xi, L. Zhang, Y. Yang, J. Zheng
The bonded interface between fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)plate and the concrete members is a key part while reinforcing the concrete structures with FRP plates. Under some external loading conditions, this interface was oftenin the direct shear action. Therefore, accurate measurement and analysis of...
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Parametric Study of Shear Stress Along Fiber Reinforced Plastic and Concrete Bonded Interface

L. Zhang, Y. Yang, J. Zheng, H.H Xi, X.L Kong
Thecharacteristics of the fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) and concrete bonded interface directly decided the results of structural reinforcement. The shear test was well simulated, and the shear stress distribution along the bonded interface was obtainedby using 2D and 3D finite element method. The parametric...
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Research and Design of Capsule-like Robot Wireless Powering System Based on Class-E Inverter

A.N Wang, Z.J Huang, Z.B Yu, Q. Shao
The power supply problem is one of the main problems facing the capsule-like robot technology. There are many issues worthy of further exploration. Such as the transmitter power and efficiency is not high, the performance can be greatly reduced when increase the using frequency, coil position stability...
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Development of Simulator for LNG Carrier Liquid Cargo Handling

J.H Cao, X.K Zhang, Q. H He
To solve the difficulties in training on ship, a new simulator was developed by importing, digesting and recreating the Kongsberg simulator. With model-based and object-oriented design following by modular programming method, the whole set of system is developed by VB under Windows platforms and Sequence...
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Automatic Cycle Identification in Speaker’s Speech Breathing Signals

Y. Ding, D.F Parham, G. Tchankwe, Y.H Ding
Due to the complexity in respiratory signals, an experienced coder is often required to identify the acceptable cycles and mark the start and end times for each cycle. This algorithm is an important step toward timely identification and coding of more complex respiratory signals and more efficient analysis...
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Bayesian Parameter Estimation in LDA

Z.Y Liu, Y. Wang, W.P Wang, Z.Z Ji, W.Y Lu
Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) probabilistic topic model is widely used in text mining, natural language processing and so on. But LDA’s mathematical theory is particularly complex, thus it is very difficult to understand LDA for a novice. In order to more quickly and easily learn LDA, and further...
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Data Acquisition and Pretreatment of Gastric Magnetic Signal Based On the Giant Magneto Impedance Effect

A.N Wang, Z.B Yu, C. Zhang, Z.J Huang
Surface gastric electromagnetic signal is an important basis for the study of gastrointestinal dynamics. Surface electrode method can only collects the gastric slow wave which is the characterization of gastric contraction rhythm. But it can collect the gastric electrical fast signal which is the characterization...
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Research on the Current Eigenfrequencies for Motor with Bearing Fault and Mixed Eccentricity

J.H Ma, C.D Qiu, G.Z Cheng, Z.Y Xue
The current feature for motor carried with natural mixed eccentricity and bearing fault is merely focused even though it is very important for motor online diagnosis. Considering both of the air-gap length change and torque vibration caused by bearing fault, the stator current expression were deduced...
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Research on the Amplitude Features of Stator Current for Motor with Bearing Faults

X.B Wu, C.D Qiu, G.Z Cheng, Z.Y Xue
Martin Blödt first introduced that the modulation mode between fundamental frequency of rotor vibration, which is caused by bearing faults, and fundamental frequency of stator current is phase modulation. This paper accomplished the theoretical derivation about the impact of bearing fault on stator current...
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Relation between a Book Review Content and Its Rating

P. Tanawongsuwan
While millions of products and services are consumed everyday, consumers may share their experiences by posting a review on the Web. A review usually consists of paragraphs of text. Readers wishing to learn details may choose to read the textual description. In many reviews, a product rating is also...
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The Competition of Recyclers under the Take Back Legislation

Y.F Zheng, W.H Zhou, Z.B Zheng, Q. Wan
As the amount ofWaste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)increases, the qualified recycler with the high technology and expensive cost have few supply of waste appliances. To solve this situation, China implements a series of take back legislations based on Extended Producer Responsibility. We...
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Application of Different Vanadium Alloys in Steel

P. Tian, Z.Y. Zhong, R.G Bai, X.L Zhang, H. Gao
The current status of vanadium bearing steel and characteristics of different vanadium alloys were analyzed, the effect of different vanadium alloys on V absorption rate and steel properties was investigated, and the varieties of steel properties and V/N ratio under different nitrogen conditions were...
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An Acquisition Support System for Public Healthcare — Case Study of the U.S. Children Vaccine Program

H.B Wang, W. Wang, Da Huo, Jaime Oritz, Y.Q Xu
This study aims to analyze the existing federal acquisition policy in public healthcare in the United States, especially in the case of childhood immunization, and then propose a new multiple items multiple vendors model to accomodate these criteria, with the objectives of lowering costs including transportation...
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Planning and Control of Projects with Different Types of Precedence Relationships and a Service Level Using Stochastic Simulation

D.F Muñoz
We present a decision support system (DSS) to compute performance measures of a project under uncertainty on the activities’ duration as well as four different types of precedence relationships. The DSS generates replicates of the project’s performance, in which we simulate the duration of each activity....
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A Method of Inspection Simulation Analysis Based on VERICUT in Three-Dimensional Inspection Planning

G.J Duan, J.A Zhao
Aiming at rising the efficiency and accuracy in inspection planning and avoiding interferences in actual inspection, a method of inspection simulation analysis based on VERICUT, a simulation software based on CNC(Computer numerical control) in three-dimensional inspection planning was proposed. In this...
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Modeling, Evaluation and Simulation of a Supercapacitor Module for Energy Storage Application

A.B. Cultura, Z. M Salameh
This paper presents the electrical and mathematical model of the supercapacitor. The equivalent mathematical model derived from electrical model was used to simulate the voltage response of the supercapacitor. The model has been implemented using Matlab software program. Simulation and experimental results...
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Analysis and Simulation on an ISFET with Back-Gated Structure and High-Mobility Channel Material

X. Wu, A. Z Jia
A back-gated structure for ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (ISFET) has been proposed. The characteristics of the device based on this proposed structure and with high-mobility channel material have been simulated and analyzed by Silvaco TCAD. The modeling and simulation methodologies have been...
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Effective Discretization Scheme for the Heston Model: Implicit Solution Based Approach

Y.F Sun, L.T Ding, C.Y Liu, G.Y Zhang
Four novel discretization schemes that built on the implicit solution of the variance, are proposed to effectively simulate the Heston model. The idea behind these schemes is fundamentally different from those of the Euler and Milstein based discretization schemes, and the so-called nearly exact simulation...
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Dielectric Properties of Thin Tantalum Oxide Layers at Solid Tantalum Capacitors

I. Abuetwirat, K. Liedermann
In this paper MIS (Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor) Ta2O5 capacitor has been studied in terms of dielectric relaxation with a low frequency dielectric spectroscopy. The results acquired for Ta2O5 show a relaxation peak in the temperature and frequency range available, 187 K – 385 K, 1 Hz – 10 MHz. The...
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Numerical Study on Spoiler Torque Effect to a Half Buried Pipeline

H.C Zheng, B. Shi, Q. Yu
The kinetics of flow around submarine pipeline with spoiler is studied by lattice Boltzmann method. The pipeline is half buried in the seabed. The existence of spoiler not only increases the contact pressure difference along seabed surface, but also leads to additional torque acting on the pipeline center....
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Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear Inverse Problems of Structural Element Shaping

K. S Bormotin, S. V Belykh
In the given work the generalized variation formulation quasi-static problems plastic forming details taking into account creep deformations is resulted. For the considered formulation theorems of uniqueness, stability and the convergence of an iterative method proved for inverse problems forming are...
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The Different Chemical Reaction Model Analysis in Combustion Chamber

Y.Z Zhang, Z. Li
Effective mixing and rapid combustion is very important to the flow field of combustion chamber in solid rocket ramjet. The flow field of combustion chamber in solid rocket ramjet was simulated based on finite rate chemical reaction model and infinite rate chemical reaction model .The result of two kinds...
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Software Modelling and Automatic Code Generation Based on Reactive State Diagram

M.C. Qu, L.J Meng, X.H Wu, N.G Cui
Based on the UML state diagram it can model the reactive system which is event-driven exactly and elaborately. Building a system model from the top level using the UML state diagram model has many advantages, such as reusability, maintainability, interactively, etc. Although there are some mainstream...
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Numerical Simulation of Mass Ratio's Effect on Vortex-Induced Vibration of Suspended Submarine Pipeline

E. J Zhao, B. Shi, J. Zhang, K. Cao
Submarine Pipeline is used widely in ocean engineering now. In order to study the mass ratio’s effect on the submarine pipelines’ vortex-induced vibration, two-degrees-of-freedom vortex-induced vibrations of the pipelines with large and small mass ratio are simulated with the software ANSYS-CFX. When...
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Numerical Simulation of Hazardous Chemical Dispersion in the Industrial Area

M. W Ko, C. B Oh, Y. S Han, B. I Choi, K. H Do, M. B Kim, T. H Kim
The large eddy simulation (LES) was performed for the hydrogen fluoride (HF) leakage accident in Gumi fourth industrial complex, Korea. The fire dynamics simulator (FDS) was used for the simulation. A time-varying boundary condition for the wind direction was given to consider the realistic weather condition...
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3D Finite Element Analysis of Drilling of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

Y. Su, D.D Chen, L. Gong
Drilling is an important machining process. A 3D FE model of drilling titanium alloys is developed using commercial finite element software DEFORM 3D. Simulations are carried out under different feed rates and drilling speeds to investigate the effect of drilling parameters on machining performance....
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Optimization of Oil Channel Structure of Monolithic Radiator

X.F Cao, Y.A Jin, Z.P Jiang, Y. Liu
In order to find the effect of radiator oil channel structure, size of the oil passage, oil passage arranged and single-channel allocation small oil passages on the characteristics of radiator heat transfer. In the paper, Simulation for different oil passage of piece radiator, to determine the variation...
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Optimization Design of the Spacing and Goose Neck Height of Radiator

Z.P Jiang, Y.A Jin, X.F Cao, Y. Liu
The aim of this paper is to present a simulation to optimization the structure of radiator, in this paper the spacing of radiation fin and goose neck height are considered. The simulation is designed to predict their influence on the heat transfer efficiency based on CFD software. A best structure of...
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Optimal Designing of Heavy Duty Vehicle Preheater System

Y.Z Shao, Y. Li, M. Li, H.L Shi, J.X. Wang, J.G. Zhang
As the auxiliary preheat device for vehicle, vehicle preheater has been widely adopted for vehicle cold starting, preheating and defrosting. The three-dimensional geometric model of preheater is established in this paper. The combustion process of preheater with different structures has been simulated....
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Optimization design of plate-type radiator

H. L Shi, Y. Liu, Y. Z Shao, Y. A Jin
Recently, most of research at home and abroad focuses on the analysis of transformer thermal problems, but there is little research about optimum design of plate-type radiator. From the perspective of heat transfer and fluid mechanics, theoretical analysis and simulation calculation were used to transform...
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Numerical Simulation of Vapor-Liquid Phase Flow and Vapor-Liquid Phase Change

Y.L Huang, S.S Shi
By using the VOF method to calculate free surface and CSF model to treat surface tension, the numerical simulation of the rising bubble in water was accomplished. The results show that the bubble transforms and rotates during rising in the water, and its trajectory changes from straight to harmonic motion...
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Simulation Algorithm of Shortest Match Path Based on Time Series

M.J Wu
Two new corresponding algorithmsare proposed based on the analysis of several classicalalgorithms to solve the problem of the shortest match path based on time series.Experiments show formatting reverse branch algorithm with high execution efficiency can obtain all matching path. Dynamic path matching...
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The Research of Voltage Flicker Detection Based on IRPT and Mitigation Based on BESS

T. Yan, Z.Z Qu, P.Y Jia, Y.J Liu, J. Hu, D. Hui, X. K Lai
This paper analysis the PCC voltage fluctuation from the perspective of active and reactive load, and points out that voltage flicker mitigation needs both active and reactive power compensation. Battery energy storage system designed by this paper adopts the current feedforward decoupling control, energy...
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Spatial Error Modeling and Simulation on Sheet Metal Assembly in Single Station

D.Z Yu, W.P Lv, L.H Zhou, X.H Xu
Based on analyzing error model of Sheet Metal Assembly, namely SMA, at home and abroad, this paper establishes the propagation model of spatial error of SMA in single station, and founds the rigid error model by differential motion theory and coordinate conversion theory. On condition of satisfying the...
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Longitudinal Effects of Entry-Level Truck Driver Training Methods

R. J Hanowski, J. F Morgan
This study evaluated the effectiveness of utilizing a driving simulator for entry-level truck driver training and testing. The 107 participants were from one of four groups: conventional 8-week certified course, conventional 8-week certified course with 60 percent of driving in a simulator, informal...
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Computer Simulation of Spacecraft Onboard Equipment

L. Nozhenkova, O. Isaeva, E. Gruzenko
This article presents the results of application of the computer simulation technology for intellectual support of spacecraft onboard equipment design. Methods and instruments allowing construction of informational and graphical models were developed describing architecture of onboard systems and configuration...
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The Research on Flatness Control Simulation for Cold Tandem Rolling Mills

X.M Zhou, X.X Yue
The cold tandem rolling of metal strip presents a significant control challenge because of nonlinearities and process complexities. Flatness control system is a hot topic on cold tandem rolling process. The process parameters and state variables cannot be measured due to the rolling process complexities....
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Simulation of Two Stages Cascode LNA Using Ladder Matching Networks for WiMAX Applications

A.B Ibrahim
This paper presents a simulation of two stages Cascode LNA using ladder matching network applicable for WiMAX applications. It’s using the FHX76LP Low Noise SuperHEMT FET transistor. The LNA designed used Ladder-matching network consisting of lump reactive element at the input and the T-matching network...
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Optimization Design of Pile Supported Embankment on Soft Soil Ground

J.B Zhao, J. Zhang
To optimization design of pile supported embankment on the soft soil ground, the numerical simulation is carried out to investigate the performance of pile supported embankment. The four embankments investigated include supported by piles only case, supported by caped piles only case, supported by both...
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An Optimized Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Algorithm Smoothing the Output of Wind Power

X.Y Zhang, N. Zhu, M.L Yuan, J.Y Xu, H.T Dai
The output power of wind turbine caused by the variation of wind fluctuates badly, which causes instability of the Power Grid. To smooth the output of wind power to Grid, an Energy Storage System (ESS) solves this problem by absorbing and releasing the wind turbine energy. The smooth performance depends...
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Simulation Analysis of the Orientation Ability for Galileo in Asia-pacific Region

L.L Cui, Y.L Lu, M. Liao
On the base of satellites' circulate rule, Galileo system simulation software is exploited and operated in the paper. The capability of Galileo navigation and positioning is analyzed and validated thought positioning precision in five different areas is computed. These demonstrates clear know about good...
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Comparison between Three Different Types of Variable Step-Size P&O MPPT Technique

B.R Peng, J.H Chen, Y.H Liu, Y.H Chiu
The P-V curve of solar cell is nonlinear, depending on both illuminance and temperature. The MPPT technique is compulsory in order to maintain the output power of the solar cell at its maximum value. P&O MPPT technique is the most commonly used in the industry; however, the main problem is to strike...
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Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for PMSM System

J.T Fei, Y. Wang, Y.C Xue
This paper investigates the position regulation problem of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) servo system based on adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control (AFSMC) method. Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control is designed by using sliding surface as input of fuzzy controller, and adaptive fuzzy controller...
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A Single-Stage Dimmable Multi-String HB-LED Driver with High Power Factor and Temperature Compensation

Y.H Chiu, Y.H Liu, Y.L. Chen, S.C Wang
This paper proposes a single-stage constant-current driver with power factor correction (PFC) and temperature rise compensation for igniting multi-string high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB-LEDs) in parallel connection. The devised dimmable LED driver is composed of a coupled inductor single-ended...
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Expression of Relation of Medical Institutions and the Simulation of the Relation Recovery for Disaster

S. Mizuno, M. Seki, Y. Fujisawa, A. Kakehi
The present medical institution cooperate each other, such as specialty skills or regional peculiarity. However, when disasters, such as an earthquake, an institution may not have function as a medical institution and the balance of the medical service at the time will usually unstable. Restoring medical...
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Building Energy Efficiency Improvement via Smart Building Solutions: Introduction to Methodologies

D. Woradechjumroen, H. Li
Because of the increase of the commercial sector in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission, any successful response to the threats for achieving energy and environmental sustainability must be significantly considered. Specifically, air-conditioning systems presently consume around 60 percentages...
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Multivariable Statistical Correlation Measure Applied to Association Rules Mining

J. Hu, H.F Jian, J.H Sun
Correlation is usually used in the context of real-valued sequences. However, in data mining, the values range may be of various types-real, nominal or ordinal. Regardless of their type, the methods on measuring correlation between multivariable sequences of data are reviewed. In particular, a new method...
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The Influence of Bird’s Shape and Attitude on Bird-strike Analysis of Structure

J.F Kou, F. Xu
In order to research the influence of bird shape and attitude on structure for bird strike, bird-strike on elastic panel investigated with various length-to-diameter aspect ratio and different attitude angle of bird through numerical simulation. The results indicate that aspect ratio of bird strongly...
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Deployment Analysis of a Deployable Truss Structure

X.K Wang, B. Cai, H.F Fang, X.F Ma
The deployment of a tetrahedral truss structure with spring driving system is a fast process. A deployment experiment of the tetrahedral truss structure has been designed to study the deployment dynamic characteristics of this tetrahedral truss structure. Using a high-speed camera and a force transducer,...
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Modelling Kinetic Indentation in Topocomposite Surface of Elastic Rigid-plastic Solid Bodies

N. Voronin
The mechanics of a rigid sphere contact interaction with the topocomposite surface of elastic rigid- plastic solids is analyzed. Analytic dependencies are obtained describing both the character of load changing on rigid pyramidal and spherical indenters versus the depth of indentation in a topocomposite...
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Analysis of Multi Aerial Targets Threaten Degree on Terminal Defense System

L.G Chen, X.L Liu, Y. Zhang
The characteristics of incoming aerial target are multi batches and multi azimuths in modern war. The influence of target threaten degree have many kinds of factors also. Due to this, the paper analysed the factors influencing the threatendegree of aerial targetsand established the membership functions...
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Molecular Dynamic Studies of the Vacancies Interaction with the Grain Boundaries

A.S. Dragunov, A.V Weckman, B.F Demyanov
In this paper the method of molecular dynamics used to studythe interaction of lattice vacancies with symmetric tilt grain boundaries (GBs) in aluminum. A linear dependence between the numberof captured vacancies and the distance to the GB’s plane was found. The average rate of vacancy migration to the...
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Hydrodynamic Peculiarities of Fluid Flows in a Human Sigmoid Sinus by Data of Phase Contrast MR-angiography

A. Tulupov, V. Gorev
A model of a human sigmoid sinus was studied using magnetic resonance imaging. MRI images were obtained in three transverse and two longitudinal sections at different levels. The findings indicate that, at the exit of the cranial cavity, this venous vascular structure forms a flow pattern with highly...