Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Education and Economic Development (CEED 2018)

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College Students' Interpersonal Communication from the Perspective of Social Exchange Theory

Mao Shan, Yang Wen-bo, Mao Shan
Adolescent college students are in a period of rapid growth of psychology and physiology. They are separated from the original family and participate in collective life for the first time, making them one of the most active groups of interpersonal communication, which affects the personality and socialization...
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Research on Influence Factors and Formation Mechanism of Government Trust: Based on Survey Data of Colleges and Universities in Baoding

Peng Zheng-tao
According to a questionnaire survey of university students in Baoding, This paper investigated the degree of trust of Chinese college students in the government, and further analyzed various factors affecting the trust of university students. The impact of grapevine news, authoritarian values, government...
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Forecasting on Total Water Demand in China in 2018

Liu Xiu-li
To forecast total water demand in advance is practically important for water supply plan-ning. The paper first made impacting factors analysis of the total water demand in China and then established three models for the total water demand forecasting by multiple regression analysis. The research shows...
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The Status Quo and Development of the Pension Agency

Zhang Jing-ting
In recent years, with the accelerated development of aging, the issue of elderly care has become a social issue of concern to governments around the world, and the demand for old-age care institutions has been increasing. After 2015, China has entered a period of rapid development of population aging....
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From House Construction to Life Building—Real Estate Advertisements Planning through Emotional Appeals and Cultural Feelings

Wang Mo-ran, Guo Xiu-juan
The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has pointed out that houses are used to live, not to speculate. Consumers should be guided by national policies to purchase houses rationally, and houses should return to its fundamental property of living. Nowadays, consumers no longer seek...
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On the Construction of Mathematics Courses in Higher Vocational and Technical Colleges Based on Working Process

Wang Yu
This paper analyzes the current teaching situation of traditional mathematics courses in higher vocational colleges and the characteristics of higher vocational mathematics courses based on working process, and combines with the actual situation of mathematics curriculum reform in Beijing Vocational...
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Effect of Intervening Bandwidth Feedback on Motor Skill Learning in Self-Controlled Feedback Context

Zhang Fan, Zhou Bo, Jia Chang-zhi, Zhang Fan
The feedback mechanism of self control and bandwidth feedback is inconsistent. This study integrates two feedback paradigms, taking learners' performance as the basis for feedback, and combines bandwidth feedback advantage with self-controlled feedback, to explore the additional motor learning effect...
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Evaluation of Practical Teaching of Transportation Specialty

Liu Qing, Yang Ying, Wang Lei, Yang Ying
Practical teaching helps students consolidate theoretical knowledge and develop the ability to analyze and solve problems, so the efficiency of practical courses is directly related to whether these abilities of students are truly improved. In view of the characteristics of transportation specialty,...
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The Contradiction Between Low Cognitive Level and High Satisfaction Degree of Government Purchase of Old-Age Service

Liu Hong-ting
It is an inevitable choice for the government to purchase the old-age service, and the scientific evaluation system is of great significance to the government to purchase the pension service. However, the contradiction between the higher satisfaction degree of the elderly and the lower cognition level...
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Pondering over Compensation for Vehicle Damage in Parking Lot Based on the Theory of Interest Measurement in Civil Law

Xia Yu-fei
This paper focuses on the new form of civil disputes in the development of society and economy, and analyzes the problem of compensation for vehicle damage in parking lots, mainly focusing on the application of the law and the assumption of liability. The problem of compensation for vehicle damage in...
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Construction and Reformation of Fishing Gear and Fishing Method

Xu Hai-long, Zhu Guo-xia, Li Li, Kong Qing-xia, Bai Dong-qing, Bai Dong-qing
Located the talent cultivating and the educational objective, the experimental teaching contents of fishing gear and fishing method were explored and constructed. The educational objective was redefined, the educational contents were integrated and updated, the teaching material was compiled, and the...
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Construction of Positive Mental Health Education Mode in Colleges

Lin Fan
In the perspective of positive psychology, explore the hierarchical psychological intervention for college student. On one hand, take measures to care for the key student just like the sunshine of the winter warm the heart, and arouse the psychological energy rely on the positive psychological experience,...
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Chinese Culture Communication in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Zhou Yang
At present, Chinese study is developing rapidly all over the world at an unprecedented speed. A large number of foreigners are learning Chinese and committed to teach Chinese in their own countries. As we all know, language is the medium of cultural communication, and culture is the content of language...
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Study on the Feasible Path of Specialty Setting and Curriculum Reform in Guangdong Private Higher Vocational Colleges

Meng Hai-nie, Cheng Yun-li, Cheng Yun-li
The relationship between education and economy has been injected with a new era. Guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the law of development of higher vocational education, the law of the growth of talents, and the law of industrial development are to...
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Research on Beautiful Village Planning of Resettlement Sites in Mountain Villages of Yichang

Chen Lin, Zhu Wan, Yin Wei-jia, Chen Lin
The construction of beautiful village is an important starting point to solve the “three rural issues” and an important measure to realize the “Chinese dream”. Under the background, the resettlement is an important means of poverty alleviation in the western Hubei mountain area. Through the analysis...
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Research on the Internationalization of Printing Engineering Education Facing the Belt and Road

Yang Yong-gang, Gao Qiao-zhuo, Yang Ke, Gao Qiao-zhuo
Insisting on the new mode of internationalized talents training with “bringing in and going out” is the only way to carry out the internationalization of printing engineering education. Taking Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication as an example, this paper introduces the current status and work...
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Research on the Influencing Factors and Cultivation Strategies of New Professional Farmers' Training Willingness from the Perspective of Public Policy Science

Zhang Yong-qi
The new-type professional farmers are the backbone of promoting modern agriculture. Intensifying the training of new professional farmers' skills is an urgent requirement in solving the “three rural issues”. In this paper, a survey was conducted on 483 farmers in Baoding. The situation of peasant education...
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Collaborative Innovation Strategies on Poverty Relief Through Tourism and Cultural Heritage Protection—Based on Case Study in Sichuan Ethnic Regions

Duan Qian-bing, Huang Ping, Yin Zi-zhong, Yue Jian, Zhan Fei, Huang Ping
Poverty relief through tourism has been recognized as an effective way of industrial poverty alleviation around the globe. It is also the poverty relief method with an early start, and numerous, influential as well as long-lasting impacts. Since 1990s, poverty relief through tourism in Sichuan Province...
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Multimodal Application for IT English Teaching with the Use of Three-Dimensional Textbook

Shi Xian-jing
The aim of this paper is to discuss multimodal features of three-dimensional IT English textbook which includes audiovisual resources, an E-book and an online learning platform. And the paper also focuses on multimodal teaching practice in IT English course. IT English lecture which integrates pictures,...
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Research on Informationization Construction of Scientific Research Management in Colleges and Universities Under Big Data Environment

Lin Li
With the rapid development of information age, the informationization construction in colleges and universities is also in full swing. Introducing big data into colleges and universities scientific research management can simplify the work flow and provide sufficient resources and also can provide certain...
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Thinking on the Development Countermeasures to the Predicament of Architecture Major in Common Colleges and Universities

Zhao Hui-yan
Architectural discipline construction in common colleges and universities is restricted by the multiple leadership of many departments, and is confined to the thinking and inertia of imitating famous colleges. It has been in a predicament. The reasons are analyzed, and the countermeasures with the cultivation...
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The Application and Strategies of Schema in College English Reading Teaching

Chen Meng-yuan
As it is known to all, English reading is an indispensable part in English teaching. Hence, enhancing students' reading comprehension capacity is becoming increasingly urgent. Different from traditional teaching methods, schema is a significant conception in cognitive psychology, including three types...
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On the Approaches of the Cultivation of the Talents in Translating Public Signs

Wang Xiao-jing, Zhang Hai-yang, Wang Xiao-jing
This article, with an aim of training the high-quality public signs professional translators, puts forward three specific approaches in the process of the cultivation of public signs translation talents, which are to strengthen the construction of the teaching staff, to select and compile textbooks appropriately...
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On the Sociological Significance of “Talent Flow” in Colleges and Universities

Huang Liang
The “flow of talents” in colleges and universities is the same as that of the sociological sense, which is a normal social phenomenon. The “talent flow” of colleges and universities is divided into two aspects: talent outflow and talent introduction, both of which are the result of internal and external...
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Application of Microlecture in College Physics Experiment

Li Yan-ping, Yuan Zhong-ying
College physics experiment is important in cultivating students with comprehensive competence, innovation ability and practical abilities. Based on the problems existing in the current university physics experiment, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the microlecture and puts forward the teaching...
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Research on the Practice of the Integration of Smart Phone into Classroom Teaching in New Media Era

Zheng Lu
Under the new media circumstances that mobile internet technology develops gradually and the smart devices spread increasingly in college students, it is common that students look down to their phones in class and traditional classroom teaching model fails to achieve excellent performance. This research...
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A Study on Postgraduate Curriculum Group of Vehicle Engineering in Local Colleges Under the Background of New Engineering Section

Tang Lan, Yin Xiao-feng, Xu Yan-hai, Chen Chong, Teng Yan-qiong
This article gives an overview of the connotations of the new engineering section, analyzes the characteristics of postgraduate course settings in local colleges and points out the problems that existing in the current curriculums. Then it proposes a plan for setting up a postgraduate course groups for...
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The Governance of Education Foundation in Private Universities: Problems, Experiences and Ways of Promotion

Liu Jie
China’s university education Foundation started late, although in support of the development of education in colleges and universities to achieve a certain degree, but there are dual management models, low social credibility, the donation system is not perfect, such as a series of governance issues....
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Research on Construction of Teaching Resource Library Base of IC Manufacturing Process

Li Shu-ping
In recent years, it has become an important content of education informatization to promote the common construction, sharing and application of quality resources. Taking IC Manufacturing Process course as an example, this paper explores and studies the significance, basic ideas, construction content,...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Feedback in the Learning Process of Motor Skills

Zhang Fan, Zhou Bo, Jia Chang-zhi, Zhang Fan
The purpose of this study is to explore the mechanism of feedback in the learning process of motor skills through literature review. In the process of feedback to the implementation of action skill learning, the key is whether an additional feedback arrangement can trigger an action skill learner to...
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Innovative Thought and Methodology of Planck Constant Experiment Based on Photoelectric Effect Theorem

Sun Zheng-he, Zhang Yan-chao, Liu Wen-jun, Wang Ying-ying, Ren Shou-tian, Liu Wen-jun
This research aims to use an innovative thought and methodology to improve the teaching of college physics experiment. The detailed idea and methodology were introduced by a Planck Constant experiment based on Photoelectric Effect Theorem. In this experiment, a high precision measurement of Planck Constant...
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Research on the Community Intelligent Wireless Distributed Information Publishing System

Wang Yan, Feng Hai-zhou, Wang Fang, Zhou Jian, Liu Dan-tong
Based on the research of the intelligent wireless distributed information publishing system in the new community, using wireless ad-hoc network technology, intelligent control technology, intelligent display technology, and regional distributed interactive information technology to the real-time public...
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The “Zi-Centered” Theory and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Wang Jing-yang, Shang Chao
Chinese linguistic studies have always been limited by the framework of Indo-European. The “Zi-centered” theory aims to get rid of it. “Zi” (Chinese character) is regarded as the basic unit of Chinese language. One Chinese character corresponds to a syllable and a concept at the same time. “Zi-centered”...
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Analysis of Export Competitiveness of Chinese Children's Clothing

Li Shuai, Hao Shu-li, Hao Shu-li
China is the world's largest garment importer and exporter, and the garment industry has always occupied a great advantage in the international market share with its huge scale advantage and traditional labor force advantage. The sales volume and production volume of clothing account for about 30% of...
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The Cultivating Strategy of Internationalized Professional Teachers in the Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education of Higher Vocational Colleges

Wang Zhan-jiu
The biggest difficulty of the Sino-foreign cooperative education of higher vocational colleges lies in short of internationalized professional teachers. In order to guarantee the teaching quality of the Sino-foreign cooperative education, it is necessary to cultivate sufficient professional teachers,...