Proceedings of the Conference on Advances in Communication and Control Systems (CAC2S 2013)

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Simulation of QPSK Modulation Technique in CDMA System Using Rician Channel

Ashwani Awasthi, Deepak Singh, Vikas Srivastava
This paper presents a study of the QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) modulation technique using rician channel in CDMA (Code division multiple access) systems. The selection of good modulation technique is a important factor for analyzing the performance of communication system. The simulated result...
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Comparison between Bit Error Rate And Signal To Noise Ratio in OFDM Using LSE Algorithm

Raghav Pandey, Ashwani Awasthi, Vikas Srivastava
In this paper we are going to investigate the performance of Least Squares Error (LSE) Algorithm in OFDM channel estimation. It is based on the energy of pilot tones and data symbols. We first calculate the mean square error (MSE) of the LS channel estimate. LSE algorithm is used to enhance the channel...
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Development of Semantic E-Learning Web using Protégé

Akhilesh Dwivedi, Aparna Bawankan
This paper holds a research about the Semantic Web and E-learning along with a proposed model for a Semantically Active E-Learning system. This system makes use of some E-Learning agents, semantic web services, ontologies and properties of ontology. Protégé is used to implement this E-Learning system.
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Artificial Intelligence Applications for Speech Recognition

Raghvendra Priyam, Rashmi Kumari, Videh Kishori Thakur
Artificial intelligence involves two basic ideas. First, it involves studying the thought processes of human beings. Second, it deals with representing those processes via machines (like computers, robots, etc.). One of the main benefits of speech recognition system is that it lets user do other works...
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Tracking System For Atmospheric Data Monitoring Weather Balloon Interfaced With GPS And GSM

Nishant Singh Bisht, Pankaj Tiwari, Shashank Mishra, Rajesh Singh
Technology is getting advance day by day and it is providing the better life-style to human-beings. But when it comes to the safety and security of the people, the advancement of technology seems lacking. So as per the security and safety concern, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is a real innovation...
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A Probe Feed Multi-band Reconfigurable Slot Patch Antenna

Umesh Kumar, Shalini Sah,, Aijaz Ahmed, M. R. Tripathy
A novel compact reconfigurable multiband antenna is proposed. The antenna is designed with the 40mm x 40mm substrate with the dielectric constant of 10.2 and the thickness of 1.27mm. the substrate used is Roger RT/Duroid 6010. By achieving the switching multiband functionality, this antenna is almost...
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Database Development and Comparative Analysis of Isolated, Spoken Hindi Hybrid Paired Words & Spoken Hindi Partially Reduplicated Words Using Endpoint Detection

Varsha Gupta, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Anand Singh
This paper describes the database development of three different types of spoken words Isolated, Spoken Hindi Hybrid Paired Words and Spoken Hindi Partially Reduplicated words. The main focus is on the comparative analysis of these Words by using endpoint detection algorithm. The development is done...
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Protecting dynamic multicast session in optical networks

L.Nirmala Devi, V.M.Pandhari Pande
Recent advances in wavelength division Multiplexing (WDM) technology are expected to facilitate bandwidth –intensive multicast applications. However, a single fiber (bundle) cut on such a networks can disrupt the transmission of information to several destination nodes on a light tree based multicast...
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Ajay Singh, Raj Gusain, S. C. Gupta, Sandip Vijay
A comparison of return-lose for different configuration of inset-fed microstrip patch antenna is shown in this paper. Here single patch of microstrip antenna is fed by single and double inset-microstrip feeds separately in different configurations (i.e. their dimensions are kept same only numbers of...
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Raj Gusain, Ajay Singh, S. C. Gupta, Sandip Vijay
This paper presents comparison of three and four feed microstrip patch antenna. Return loss of the proposed antennas are analyzed at operating frequency range 1 to 10 GHz. The proposed antenna is simulated using HFSS11 software. The epoxy and inset feeding is used as the substrate material and designing...
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Ventricular Premature Beat Detection in ECG using Correlation Techniques

Shahanaz Ayub, J.P. Saini
Correlation techniques are used to find whether the electrocardiogram (ECG) is normal or abnormal. These correlation techniques could be further used to detect the type of abnormality present in the abnormal ECG. Reference ECG signals could be stored for all type of abnormalities and the test ECG signal...
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Performance Analysis of Pre-detection and Post-detection Diversity reception schemes for Mobile Satellite Systems.

Sonika Singh, Sandip Vijay, Gagan Singh
For mobile satellite systems, quality of service and service availability depend on the line-of-sight satellite availability. The satellite visibility is one of the major factors which influence satellite link availability, since the satellite channel behavior is depended on the link conditions between...
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Performance Analysis of Reduced Order Aircraft Bank Angle Control System

Naafees Ahmed, Gagan Singh, M. Samir, Hussain Ahmad
Order reduction is very important issue in control system. Analysis, simulation and response of a lower order system are simple and fast. So in this paper, a simple but very effective approach based on Routh Criterion is used to determine reduced order model of an unstable open-loop system. Aircraft...
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Low Cost Hardware Design of a Web Server for Home Automation Systems

Sandeep Patel, Punit Gupta, Mayank Kumar Goyal, Alok Agarwal
In the present scenario the world is moving towards automated systems. To design a hardware which is able to interact via internet is a challenging task in design of any automation system. A new term known as ’Internet of things’ also faces the same kind challenge, of interfacing a dumb electronic terminal...
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Tracking of Ballastic Missiles and Velocity Measurement using Frame Distance Manipulation

Vimal Kumar Mishra, Kumar Rajeev Ranjan
In order to measure the velocity of a missile, several models have been discussed in this paper. It deals with the tracking and following of single/multiple missile in a sequence of frames and the velocity of the missile is determined. Algorithms have been developed for improving the image quality, segmenta-...
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Lightweight Trust Aggregation Through Lightweight Vibrations for Trust Accumulation in Resource Constraint Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs)

Adarsh Kumar, Krishna Gopal, Alok Aggarwal
Evaluating the trust of participating entities increases the security and collaboration among members. This work presents the trust accumulation schemes using lightweight vibration signals. In all scenarios virtual nodes are considered to create subgroup in close vicinity. It is observed that trust accumulation...
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Analysis of Multilayered Microstrip Patch Antenna

Anurag Vidyarthi,, Sribidhya Mohanty,, Sumit Tripathi,, R. Gowri, B.S. Jassal
In this paper analysis of multilayered antenna is done by considering two approaches in which stacked patch is realized with common dielectric and in other approach stacked patch is realized with different dielectric substrates. Both the approaches are analyzed commonly with 10% reduction in dimensions...
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Design and Analysis of Annular Ring Slot MSA for wireless and UHF Applications

Padam Singh, D.C. Dhubkarya, Alok Aggrawal
In this paper the design and analysis of annular ring slot microstrip antenna is presented. The design frequency of antenna is 2.1 GHz and used substrate for the fabrication of the proposed antenna is FR4. After simulation and testing return losses of about -14 dB, -14 dB, -19 dB and -10 dB are obtained...
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Performance of a Swastik Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna With Wide Bandwidth

Beena Beena, Paritosh Kumar, Amit Kumar Gupta, R.K. Prasad
In this paper, a novel swastik shape microstrip patch antenna with enhanced bandwidth is presented and discussed. The proposed design offers low profile,enhanced bandwidth and compact antenna element. The maximum gain is 3.61 dBi at 2.5 GHz, antenna efficiency is 88.20% while the radiation efficiency...
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Power Quality and Consumption Analysis Using Power Quality Analyzer

Siddharth Rautela, Gagan Singh
The paper presents a quality analysis of the power of Dehradun Institute of Technology. Aspects such as magnitudes and phases of voltages and currents of all phases, power factor, voltage and current harmonic content, dips and swells, frequency stability, and inrush current were taken into account. These...
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Marker-less Detection of Virtual Objects using Augmented Reality

Prakhar Kapoor, Usama Ghufran, Manan Gupta, Alok Agarrwal
We present marker less camera tracking and user interface methodology for readily inspecting augmented reality (AR) objects in wearable computing applications. Instead of markers, human hand is used as a distinctive pattern that almost all wearable computer users have readily available. We present a...
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The Role of Information Technology in Knowledge Management

Mitali Chugh, Neeraj Chugh, Agarwal Punia, Agarwal D.K.
Knowledge is a vital resource for corporate competitiveness and there are number of information technology solutions that provide support to knowledge management. One of the relevant issue to be discussed is- Role of IT in success or failure for implementation of KM. The purpose of this study is to explore...
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Performance Analysis of Spread Spectrum Techniques

Astha Singh
In this paper we had analyzed the spread spectrum techniques in a broader sense, in context of their performance. Spread spectrum is an increasingly important form of encoding for wireless communications. It can be used to transmit either analog or digital data, using an analog signal. The basic idea...
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Survey and Taxonomy of Soft Handoff in 3rd Generation CDMA based System

Shalini Aggarwal, Shiv K. Tomar, Alok Aggarwal, Sanjeev Sharma
During handoff an ongoing call is transferred from one cell to another as a user moves through the coverage area of a cellular system. This paper presents an overview and critical analysis of published work over handoff performance both in uplink and downlink direction. Further it discusses with future...
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Providing Security to Cloud Computing through MAC

Paridhi Singhal, Niranjan Lal, Manoj Diwakar
Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). The name comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud computing entrusts...
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Controlling of D.C. Motor using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Husain Ahmed, Gagan Singh, Vikash Bhardwaj, Saket Saurav, Shubham Agarwal
Abstract: Most of the industrial controllers in use today utilize PID controllers. In this paper four methods for tuning of a PID controller are compared. A mathematical model of the most commonly used dynamic system i.e., a d.c. motor is derived and a PID controller is used in conjunction to it. Ziegler-Nichols...
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Finding Optimal Tour Length of Mobile Agent in Wireless Sensor Network

Anil Kumar Mahto, Ajay Prasad, Hemkumar D., Prity Kumari
Recently, research interest has increased in the design, development, and deployment of mobile agent systems in a wireless sensor network (WSN). Mobile agent systems employ migrating codes to facilitate flexible application re- tasking, local processing, and collaborative signal and information processing....
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A Survey on Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio

Manish Jaiswal, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Vikash Singh
Natural frequency spectrum is scared resource; the efficient use of it can only accommodate the need of future computing world. But efficient use of it is not possible within the existing system, where the allocation of spectrum is done based on fixed spectrum access (FSA) policy. Many surveys show that...
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Performance Analysis of IEEE WLAN 802.11a in Presence of Different FEC

Jaspreet Kaur, Manish Jaiswal, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Vikash Singh, Udit Gupta
IEEE 802.11a, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), is a wireless broadband technology, which is used as substitute of wired Ethernet as well as in public hot sport wireless network because of its higher data rates compared to cellular mobile networks. In order to provide higher data rate and to mitigate...
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Deploying A Private Cloud Go Through The Errors First

Prachi Despande, S. C. Sharma, Sateesh K. Peddoju
Deploying cloud for research purpose is quiet time consuming when different errors have to be eliminated. This paper lists out common problems and errors encountered while deploying private cloud and the possible solutions to these problems and errors. It will help beginners to minimize the time to setup...
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Coverage and Analysis of Obstructed Indoor WLAN using Simulation Software and Optimization Technique

Leena Arya, S.C. Sharma
WLAN is a flexible data communication system implemented as an extension to or as an alternative for, a wired LAN. This paper presents the placement of access points (AP) as a nonlinear optimization problem. The work explores the measured data in terms of signal strength in the indoor WLAN 802.11g at...
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A CPW-fed Broadband Swastik Shape PIFA for WiMAX (3.5 GHz) Application

Ramesh Patel,, Jagannath Malik, Kumar Goodwill, M.V. Kartikeyan,, R. Nath
A cpw-fed Swastik shape Broadband planar inverted f antenna (PIFA) for WiMAX application has been proposed. Broadband operation (3.27 GHz to 4.02 GHz) is achieved by proper broadband matching at both the resonances (resonance due to even mode and resonance due to odd mode) due to modified cpw feed. Proposed...
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Kerberos Based Secure Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks

Kriti Jain, Upasans Bahuguna, Neeti Bisht
The wireless sensor network is an emerging field that combines sensing, computation, and communication into a single tiny device. As sensor networks frame closer towards well-known deployment, security issues become a vital concern. So far, much work has focused on making sensor networks realistic and...
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A Novel Small-Size Quad Band Internal PIFA for GPS L1/Bluetooth/LTE2500/WiMAX/HIPERLAN1 Applications

Mayank Agarwal, Rajesh Singh, Manoj K. Meshram
A novel quad band planar inverted F-antenna along with an added resonating copper arm working in GPS L1/Bluetooth/LTE2500/WiMAX/HIPERLAN1 is presented. The proposed antenna occupies a volume of 25 x 10 x 5.8 mm3 over the mobile circuit board. Parametric investigations of some important parameters are...
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Spiral-shaped High Isolated Monopole MIMO/Diversity Antenna for Small Mobile Terminals

Hari Shankar Singh, Gaurav Kumar Pandey, Pradutt Kumar Bharti, Manoj Kumar Meshram
In this paper a spiral-shaped monopole like MIMO/Diversity antenna is proposed for mobile handsets. The proposed MIMO antenna covers the frequency bands LTE700 (777-787), GPS-L1 (1565-1595), and WLAN (2400- 2480). The isolation between ports is below -20dB for LTE, -21dB for GPS-L1, and -18 dB for WLAN...
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An Automated Technique for Criminal Face Identification Using Biometric Approach

Jyoti Nautiyal, Shivali Gahlot, Pawan Kumar Mishra
Face recognition has become a popular area of research in computer vision, it is typically used in network security systems and access control systems but it is also useful in other multimedia information processing areas. One of its application is criminal face identification. Criminal record generally...
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Implementation of the technique of Space minimization for Counting Sort algorithm

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Prem Sagar Sharma
Today we consider the question of whether it is possible to sort without the use of comparisons. They answer is yes, but only under very restrictive circumstances. Many applications involve sorting small integers (e.g. sorting the employees according employee Id, sorting the list of students according...
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ZIGBEE Based Parameter Monitoring and Controlling System for Induction Machine

Mohit Kumar, Mohnish Sharma, Rishabh Narayan, Sumit Joshi, Sanjay Kumar
Nowadays the automation has become a basic need for the industries. Induction Motors are the nerves of many industries. Hence Industrial automation is required for precise and accurate operation. This paper proposes a wireless control and monitoring system for an induction motor based on Zigbee communication...
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Advanced Applications using Cooperative Wireless Networks

S.R. Dikondwar, Gautam Chopra
In this paper, we propose Advanced applications in prominent fields such as Agriculture, Biomedical & Telemetry, Electronics & Telecommunications, Defence and Satellite communications using cooperative communication. The single sensor or array of sensors are interfaced with hard wire or wireless sensor...
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Handwriting Recognition: A Progressive Elimination Approach

Vaibhav Mittal, Sushant Kumar Singh
In this paper, a new offline pattern recognition method has been presented, as a need for time management in lower order real time systems has been felt. The paper aims to present an algorithm for recognition of patterns in need-based applications where the focus has been laid on matching and eliminating...
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Performance and Sensitivity Analysis of Path Loss Models for WiMAX Signals

Rahul Pathak, Mohit Katiyar
The paper depicts investigation related to path loss estimation and overall performance of both theoretical and experimental propagation models. Performance of propagation models namely, SUI, Okumara-Hata and COST- 231 has been analyzed and compared with the experimental results obtained for frequency...
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Mobile Applications -Vulnerability Assessment Through the Static and Dynamic Analysis

Sreenivasa Rao Basavala, Narendra Kumar, Alok Aggarwal
In the recent day’s mobile applications usage is increasing by banking and financial institutes, health and hospital management systems such as mobile banking apps, e-commerce apps, news feeds, inpatient and outpatient information, social networking apps and game apps etc. All these mobile applications...
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Design And Optimization of Low Frequency Pushing Circuit in Voltage Controlled Oscillators

Rajeev Mishra, S.K. Singh
A low frequency pushing wide frequency tuning range Radio frequency (RF) voltage – controlled Oscillator (VCO) in 0.35 m standard CMOS prosed for wireless applications is presented. It is different from all conventional designs primarily in the way it is biased. The measurement results show that the...