Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Biomedical and Biological Engineering

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Concentrations of Trace Elements in Different Types of Gallstones and Their Effects on Gallstone Formation

Yue Zhang, Chongyu Zhang, Da Guo, Xiaojun Huang, Junfa Xue, Jianming Ouyang
Purpose: To study the concentrations of trace metals and nonmetals elements in different types of gallstones (cholesterol-, pigment-, mixed- and calcium carbonate type) and to explore the formation mechanisms of gallstones. Method: Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICP-AES) was used to...
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The Mechanism of Carthamin Yellow Injection Promote Acute Myocardial Infarction Infarct Border Zone Angiogenesis

Xiaomin Wang, Zhiyu Zhou, Yaokun Xiong, Jiangtao Wei, Yanting Wan, Fei Li, Zhiyong Liu
We observed the impact of carthamin yellow injection on revascularization in rats with acute myocardial infarction and discuss its mechanism. The left anterior descending branches of the coronary arteries of Wistar rats were ligatured, and the animal model with acute myocardial infarction was duplicated....
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The Correlation between the Treatment Time and Efficacy of Suspended Moxibustion on the Guanyuan Point for the Treatment of Primary Dysmenorrhea

Yongchun Hou, Zi Yan, Yaokun Xiong, Yanting Wan, Zhiyong Liu
Primary dysmenorrhea refers to lower abdominal pain, mild lumbago and discomfort in the lower abdomen during or before the menstrual period. Moxibustion has shown efficacy in the treatment of dysmenorrhea by removing blood stasis and relieving pain. The objective of the current study was to compare the...
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Research Progress on the Relationship between Interleukins Gene Polymorphism and Type 2 Diabetes

Yang Li, Miaojing Li, Xinyu Cui, Shengzhong Rong, Ge Jin, Hui Zhang, Yingying Chen, Qing Ye, Yuda Wang, Yue Guan
Inflammation plays a significant role in the etiology and pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).Many single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in various genes including inflammatory cytokines have been reported as a risk for T2DM.Interleukins (IL) such as IL - 6, IL - 10, IL - 18 and IL – 1 are...
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A New DNA Cryptography Algorithm Based on the Biological Puzzle and DNA Chip Techniques

Yunpeng Zhang, Zhenzhen Wang, Zhiwen Wang, Yasin Hasan Karanfil, Weidi Dai
Currently, a lot of theoretical and technical issues still need to be addressed regarding applications of DNA computing in the field of DNA cryptography. The current common DNA cryptography algorithms are basically based on traditional cryptography, integrate dintoexisting DNA technology, of which the...
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An Improved Target-decoy Strategy for Evaluation of Database Search Engines and Quality Control Methods in Shotgun Proteomics

Xiaodong Feng, Jie Ma, Cheng Chang, Kunxian Shu, Yunping Zhu
With the advance of mass spectrometry and experimental techniques, proteome research has broken through the bottleneck of data generation, and a huge amount of mass spectrometry (MS) data has been accumulated rapidly in the past few years. Meanwhile, the lack of efficient data analysis and quality control...
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Numerical Study on the Effect of Liquid Injection in Hepatic Microwave Ablation

Zhen Tian, Qun Nan, Xiaohui Nie, Tong Dong, Ruirui Wang
Purpose: The aim of this study is to research the impact of the liquid injection in hepatic microwave ablation (MWA) by using finite element method (FEM). Methods: We used the finite element method to simulate the MWA without liquid injection, with 0.9% NACL (saline) and with ethanol in turn. At the...
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Vibration Analyses of a Single Osteoblast in Vitro using the Finite Element Method

Liping Wang, Hungyao Hsu, Cory J. Xian
In this study, the dynamic properties of a cell in vitro are analyzed using the finite element (FE) model. An idealized FE model of a bone cell is developed, and then FE analysis is performed to study its vibration in vitro. The first ten natural frequencies of the bone cell can be obtained using the...
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Network Analysis Reveals the Connection Between Chronic Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer

Lisha Li, Heping Wang, Yulin Li
The relationship between chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer needs further exploration in a system view. We constructed chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer network based on gene expression data and protein-protein interaction, and then analyzed the global topological features of chronic...
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Experimental Study of Bone Marrow Stem Cell Inducing Osteogenesis on SLA Titanium Mesh Surfac

Lei Shi, Lan Yang, Ruimin Liu, Feng Tao, Qiaorong Liu
Objective: Through animal experiments to understand medical titanium mesh in the sandblasting acid corrosion (SLA) before and after processing and surface coverage of BMSCs cell membrane after the effect of inducing osteogenesis, for medical titanium net covering the bone marrow stem cells after surface...
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Age-related Senescence of Rat Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Xu He, Cao Ma, Chenchen Pi, Yue Yang, Lin Lin, Yingai Shi, Yulin Li
To study whether bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from aged rat present cell senescence. In the present study, cell morphology were observed, and cell proliferation and cell cycle were analyzed. The natural senescence of MSCs from aged rat was testified by investigation of SA- -gal activity,...
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Enhanced Milk-Clotting Enzyme Production of Mucor Miehei Mutated by UV and LiCl

Weibing Zhang, Zhongming Zhang, Tuo Yao
Milk clotting enzyme is an important enzyme in cheese industry, to obtain an industrial strain with high milk-clotting enzyme activity, Mucor miehei was used as the origin strain and mutagenized by Ultraviolet (UV) and UV combining lithium chloride(LiCl), respectively. The result shows that lower concentrations...
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Selection of Potential Probiotic Strains Isolated from Human Intestinal Tract and Traditional Ferment Milk

Chaohui Xue, Chun Yue, Xueguo Liu, Le Yuan
Diarrhea is the main reason of human deaths in developing countries, which also cause world-wide infant mortality. Diarrhoea occurs world-wide and causes 4% of all deaths and 5% of health loss to disability. It is most commonly caused by gastrointestinal infections which kill around 1.5 million people...
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DNA-based Method for Identification of Species Origin of Honey and Edible Bird's Nest

Nyukling Chin, Siokpeng Kek, Meeichien Quek
Food traceability is increasingly important and identification of food source and its origin will give both consumers and industry players a better sense of security. The species origins of honey and edible bird's nest were identified using DNA-based method through procedures of DNA extraction, polymerase...
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Effects of Ozone Stress on Secondary Metabolism and Antioxidant Capacity in Soybean Roots

Tianhong Zhao, Wei Wang, Rongrong Tian, Yan Wang
In this paper, to examine the effects of elevated ozone on secondary metabolism and antioxidant capacity in soybean roots, as well as reactive oxygen species and antioxidant enzymes activity. Soybean grown in open top chambers (OTCs) were exposed to ambient air ([O3]=40nmol•mol-1) and elevated ozone...
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Glyphosate Bioremediation of Contaminated Fish-pond Water by Paenibacillus sp. FUJX 401 from Industrial Activated Sludge

Guiming Fu, Ruyi Li, Xuehua Wu, Bin Gao, Xiaoqiang Yuan, Caixia Wan, Chengmei Liu
Six glyphosate (GP)-degrading strains were isolated from industrial activated sludge. Among them, strain FUJX 401 showed the highest GP degradability, and was identified as Paenibacillus sp. based on morphological observation, physiological biochemical characteristics, and 16S rRNA gene-sequence analysis....
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Studies on Salt Tolerance of Bacillus Isolated from the Industrial Soy Sauce Residue

Zhenbo Xu, Xuerui Bao, Lili Ji, Jingjing Duan, Hepo Jin, Yang Deng, Lin Li, Bing Li
The annual output of soy sauce was reported to be more than 4.4 million tons in China, which would threaten the environment with its high salinity. The Bacillus in this study were isolated from soy sauce residue, which would contribute to its recycling. This study aims to investigate the external and...
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Leaf Age Promotes Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation of Hybrid Poplar Populus Davidiana Dode × P. bollena Lauche

Xue Han, Bing Han
Poplar as a woody-plant model is significant to improve the transformation efficiency of poplar. The effect of different leaf age as explants on transformation frequency was studied. The results exhibited that the higher transformation frequency was generated by 30-day-old leaf explants, compared with...
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Properties of Oxidized Starch Prepared by Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Hypochlorite

Bing Han
Chlorine peroxide, Sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide were chosen as oxidant to prepare potato oxidized starch, and the properties of oxidized starch were determined. The results showed that carbonyl content of oxidized starch prepared by H2O2 is 0.329%, much higher than other oxidized starch...
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Construction of a High-Quality Yeast One/two-hybrid cDNA Library from Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz)

Jiao Liu, Shaoping Fu, Yuqiang Guo, Shuo Wang, Ruijun Duan, Ruimei Li, Yuan Yao, Jianchun Guo
Cassava is an important food and potential biofuel crop with starch-rich edible tuberous roots. It is tolerant to multiple abiotic stresses and can produce an acceptable yield under the adverse climatic and nutrient-poor soil. However, the molecular mechanisms of starch accumulation and the abiotic stress...
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Pereutaneous Nephrolithotomy in Elderly Patients with Renal Calculi

Fanping Meng, Jiantao Xian, Xu Zhou, Ji Gao
Objective: To explore the safety and efficacy of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) for the treatment of renal calculi in elderly patients. Methods: Totally 57 elderly patients (mean age 69 years, ranged from 61 to 87 years) with renal calculi were treated by PCNL in our hospital from January 2013 to...
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The Nursing Care of a Chinese Suicidal Patient with an Internal Jugular Vein Catheterization with Hemodialysis

Zhengping Qu, Di Zou, Lei Chen, Shoulin Zhang
Purposes: Summarize the experience of nursing care on a suicidal patient with an internal jugular vein catheterization with hemodialysis. Prevention of such adverse events, improving adherence of patient to hemodialysis. Method: According to the patient's condition, implement emergency care when in a...
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Study on the Brain Stereotaxic Method of Carp Aquatic Animal-robot

Yong Peng, Congshan Guo, Yangyang Su, Zhanqiu Wang, Pei Hua Su, Dan Du, Weichao Shen, Yakun Ju, Ru Tian, Xiangqian Zhou, Fan Zhan, Jie Li, Lijuan Ying
[Purposes] Our aim is to explore the brain stereotaxic method of aquatic animal-robots. [Methods] Carps were anesthetized by Eugenol. The carp skulls and brain were observed by the method of anatomy. Carp brain structure and size were obtained by three-dimension images which were structured by CT. The...
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Treatment and Handling of Purulent Core Production in Facial Spatial Infection by VSD Technique

Lei Shi, Ruimin Liu, Qiaorong Liu
Objective: To discuss treatment of purulent core in facial spatial infection by VSD technique and handling effect; Methods: patients with drainage tube blockage by purulent core are selected as research objects among patients undergoing treatment of oral cavity facial spatial infection by VSD technique,...
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Feasibility Assessment of Low Iodine Flow Rate Imaging in Abdominal Contrast-enhanced CT

Ye Li, Huimao Zhang, Hongyan Li
To assess the feasibility of abdominal contrast-enhanced CT imaging using low iodine flow rate .40 consecutive patients referred for abdominal contrast-enhanced CT imaging of upper abdomen were enrolled in this study,and were randomized into 2 groups according to different injection protocols. 28 grams...
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A Novel Method of HCC Pathological Images Recognition based on Morphological Distribution of Liver Cell Cords

Aoshuang Dong, Su Jiang, Huiyan Jiang, Keming Mao
The morbidity of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which has become a significant killer to human life, is getting higher over the years. Not only the shape and structure of liver cells are abnormal in pathological images, but also liver cell cords show some unusual phenomena, such as incrassation and...
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Target Control Infusion (TCI) Computer-Assisted Pump and Bispectral Index (BIS ) Monitoring Sedation System in Elderly Patients during Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreateography (ERCP)

Kai Li, Bin Zhang, Ying Zhang, Fang Wang, Chunmei Chu
Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the safety and efficacy of propofol sedation with a target-controlled infusion (TCI) computer-assisted pump and bispectral index (BIS) monitoring in elderly patients during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreateography (ERCP). Methods: Included were...