Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences and Sustainable Development (ASSSD 2018)

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Research on Some Problems of the Subject of Collective Labor Dispute

Ruqing Xu
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the socialist legal system in China and the relative improvement in people’s awareness of the legal system, the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of individuals through legal means has become a universal consensus under the whole social...
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Developing English Vocabulary Learning Strategies of Primary School Students -Taking Supplementary Tutoring Class as an Example

Tingting Lin, Yu He
Based on the theory of vocabulary learning strategies, this paper is to investigate the application of English vocabulary learning strategies by the questionnaire to 42 pupils who have participated in supplementary tutoring class to find out their problems of vocabulary learning. The results display...
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The Enlightenment of the current situation of China's electronic commerce to Russia

Yang Gui
The twenty-first Century is the era of information technology, the third industry in countries continues to increase, especially in the service industry, information service industry has become the leading industry in twenty-first Century, which led to the emergence and development of e-commerce, the...
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Case Design for the Data Transmission Instruction of Teaching of SCM

Guangfeng Chen, Linxia Wang, Xiangping Yang, Huimin Li, Yan Li
For the convenience of instruction education of teaching of SCM, multi teaching cases were designed covers all the data transmission instruction, with the help of solutions for teaching demonstration in the simulation software, can vividly display case execution process. Through case teaching demonstration,...
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Research on Human Resource Integration in Transnational Mergers and Acquisitions for Chinese Enterprises

Wenxing Sun, Pu Li, Chengcheng Li
With the rapid development of economic globalization, transnational mergers and acquisitions (m&a) have become one of the main ways for enterprises to reach the international market, expand the scale of enterprises and seek competitive advantages. But whether cross-border m&a can achieve the desired...
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Research on Computer Major”3+2”Staging and Connecting Training Mode Innovation Under Life-long Education Background

Aizhang Guo, Xiufang Li
Building modern vocational education system is a basic channel to push forward life-long study society formation and sustainable development. “3+2”staging and connecting training between higher vocational college and undergraduate college is an important component of modern vocational education system....
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Design of a Hydraulic Lift Platform

Wei Yan, Hui Li, Hu Guo
This paper designs a hydraulic lift platform which can smoothly transport goods up and down. The transport platform is composed of a lifting cylinder, pulley blocks and steel wire ropes, which can cover a wide range of lifting heights by making use of a single lifting cylinder with a relatively short...
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Algorithm Implementation Process and Mathematical Model Construction for Factor Analysis

Xiuli Xu
Factor analysis is based on a statistical analysis method. It integrates the variables of intricate and complex relationships into a small number of factors, reproduces the relationship between original variables and factors, and realizes the interpretation of complex economic and social issues. Based...
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Research on the Connotation Orientation and ESP Practice Mode of College English in the view of EDR

Luping Hu
Under the guidance of EDR theory, this paper investigates and analyzes the connotation orientation of college English, establishes its ESP teaching practice mode, and conducts three rounds of research and application. In the first round, the demand analysis, discipline status definition, connotation...
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Research on the Relationship between Industry Waste Water Pollution and Economic Growth of Hubei Province Based on SVAR Model

Juan Luo
In this paper, we analyze the data of economic growth and industry waste water pollution from 2000 to 2014 in Hubei Province, then we built SVAR model to investigate the relationship between economic growth and industry waste water pollution. The results show that there is a long-term dynamic relationship...
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The Analysis of the Practical Significance of Design Philosophies in Zhuangzi

Jieming Huang
The thoughts of Zhuangzi are mainly reflected in the book Zhuangzi. As the chapter “Under the Heaven” wrote, “People were lost to the pleasures of the material wealth and could not be argued with or reasoned with.” Zhuangzi said he himself “developed speeches with daily random words, respected quotations...
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Design and Implementation of Online Examination System based on ASP.NET

Yuxiang Hou
With the continuous updating of educational ideas and the continuous development of computer science and technology, the traditional examination methods have been unable to meet the needs of teachers and students. The examination system based on the network emerges as the times require, not only saves...
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The Reform of English Teaching Under the Background of MOOCs in Colleges and Universities

Yu’er Liu
With the rapid development and popularization of MOOCs, it’s diversified teaching content, individualized teaching mode and diversified assessment methods have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Then, how to adopt new models and new methods in the new environment of the tide of admiration...
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Study on the Significance of Cognitive Styles in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

Yunbo Yuan
The cognitive style of field independence (FI), as well as field dependence (FD), is one of the factors that influence learners' second language acquisition(SLA). In foreign language teaching, teachers should pay special attention to students' differences in styles, and adjust teaching strategies according...
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Teaching Reform and Research on the Course "Project Training"

Lin Du, Yehong Han
Based on the study of software development methods and maintenance theories, the course "Project Training" guides students in the development of software projects. It is a comprehensive and practical course. This article carries on the reform and the research to the teaching content and the teaching...
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Research on Storage Capacity Design of Binzhou Port LNG Receiving Station

Xiujun Nie, Qinghui Yuan, Xia Zhao, Xiuyan Zhang
The completion of Binzhou Port has created conditions for LNG receiving station. The storage capacity and the number of storage tanks in the LNG receiving station are the key parameters of the construction control. After a comparative analysis of the calculation formulas of storage capacity in Europe,...
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The scheme comparison about the foundations of shear wall structure in Yellow River Delta region

Zhaojun Ren, Hongsheng Yu, Xiuyan Zhang, Xia Zhao, Na Li
The selection of the building foundation is a comprehensive project which is deeply affected by the different region. Based on the typical geological structures and engineering examples, the paper analyzes and compares the three basic types of shear wall structures from the aspects of the bearing capacity,...
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The construction of excellent resource-sharing course based on large-scale online open platform --A case study onConstruction Technology of Building Engineering" course"

Wei Liu, Xiaolin Zhang, Hongsheng Yu, Xiaoli Ren, Hongmei Yan
Based on the research on the construction and application of teaching resource platform of "Construction Technology of Building Engineering"course, this paper expounds the main contents of curriculum design, construction idea and resource construction in the course construction of excellent resource-sharing...
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Research on the Development and Application of Three-dimensional Teaching Resources for the Professional Core Curriculum of Civil Engineering Specialty

Xiuyan Zhang, Huiqin Yang, Zhaojun Ren, Song Zhou, Xine Zhang
For civil engineering specialty, this article expounds a kind of resource development thinking that is based on the combination of Internet and virtual technology. And the development and application of professional core curriculum teaching resources are practiced. In the process of research, we developed...
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Research on Improving the Informatization Teaching Ability of Civil Engineering Teachers in BIM Environment

Huiqin Yang, Xiuyan Zhang, Jinfang Sun, Lixin Xu, Chengjie Luan
With the rapid development of information technology, the degree of informatization in the construction industry has also been greatly improved. Particularly, the development of BIM technology and assembly construction technology as well as the development of green building leads to the upgrading of...
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Teaching Reform and Practice Based on the Integration of Necessary Abilities of Jobs, Skill Contest and Professional Qualification Certificate into Courses--Taking Architectural Engineering Surveying as an Example

Miaomiao CUI, Na LI, Xia ZHAO, Xiaolin ZHANG, Xiaowen BIAN
The integration of necessary abilities of jobs, skill contest and professional qualification certificate into courses is an advanced teaching mode to meet the development of higher vocational education and to train highly skilled and application-oriented professionals. Taking the course design and teaching...
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Countermeasure Analysis to Problems in China’s Seaman Market

Xiujun Nie, Qinghui Yuan, Haijun Yang, Xiuyan Zhang
China's seaman market has started to go into a downturn, the aging, temporary shortage, and decline of qualities of seamen are an obvious trend, exerting a negative impact on the economic development. Therefore, given such problems, the Chinese government shall actively strengthen school-government cooperation...
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Teaching Research and Innovative Practice on the Course "Software Engineering"

Yehong Han
Software Engineering is a course that combines theory with practice. In view of the current situation of software engineering teaching, this paper combines the practical experience of software engineering teaching and scientific research over the years, puts forward the case teaching method in theoretical...