Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering (AMCCE 2018)

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Graphitic Carbon Nitride Photocatalysts for Degradation of Organic Pollutants

Huimin Li, Huixian Zhang, Keming Fang, Lining Yang, Jianrong Chen
Organic pollutants have posed threat to human health and other creature. Photocatalytic technology arises, because it can use solar energy to degrade pollutants. Hence, graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) with excellent photocatalytic performance has attracted global attention. This paper presents the...
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Influences of Tube Assembly of Wind Turbine Towers with the Steel-Concrete Composite Structure on Towers

Chenglin Li, Yanxiang Liu, Xinwei Ma, Yuancheng Guo
The height of a real wind turbine tower structure is far larger than the length in the plane, so segmented assembly is generally adopted on the spot. However, after assembling a tower, annular ribs for blocking concrete and connecting tubes of a double-layered steel tower in the construction of the tower...
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Direct Shear Test Analysis of Coarse-grained Soil in Nyang River Valley Based on Dynamic Shear Area

Ruijie Lin, Zhixiang Cao, Xinwei Song, Suhua Zhao, Xiandong Han
The shear strength of coarse-grained soil is usually measured through a large-scale direct shear test. However, the dynamic change of the shear surface during the test has an effect on the calculation of the shear strength of coarse-grained soil. This paper put forward the formula for the dynamic shear...
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Study on Corrosion Behavior of Cast Iron in the Snowmelt Agent Environment

Yan Wang, Yan Liu, Xin Zhou, Yan Zhao
The corrosion behavior of HT250 which mainly used for automobile chassis materials is introduced in this paper, it was soaked in industrial salt solution and environment-friendly snowmelt agent solution of different concentrations, the relationships of the degree of corrosion on the surface of the cast...
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Pitting Corrosion Morphology Characteristics of 7B04 Aluminum Alloys In Airport Environment Based on Fractal Theory

Zhiguo Liu, Na Zhang, Guang-yao Yan
Aircraft aluminum alloy is easy to initiate pitting corrosion in the airport environment, and the pitting corrosion topography characteristics could directly affect the fatigue mechanical property of aluminum alloy structure. In order to obtain the pitting corrosion characteristics of 7B04 aluminum alloy...
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Anti-oxidation behavior of SiO2/ZrO2-SiO2 composites prepared by Sol-Gel

Yang Xiang, Si Zhou, Lu Yi, Beizhi Sun
SiO2/ZrO2-SiO2 composites were fabricated by sol-gel method, and then the flexural property and oxidation behavior of SiO2/ZrO2-SiO2 composites were discussed. The results showed that SiO2/ZrO2-SiO2 composites were fabricated by sol-gel method. The flexural strength of the composites was homology with...
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Comparative Analysis of Basic Performance of Self-made Butyl Rubber and Imported Butyl Rubber

Zhongqiu Ai, Jin Liu, Wenzhong Sun, Li Wei
In this article, the performance comparison evaluation of self-made solution process Butyl rubber (IIR) LH-1 and two kinds of imported Butyl rubber(IIR) (solution process IIR ET-110 and slurry process IRR EJ-120), the results showed that the self-made LH-1 had some differences with the contrast sample...
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Shear Property of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy Prepared by Solid -state Recycling

Shuyan Wu, Zesheng Ji, Zhiqiu Huang, Tao Wang, Ying Lv, Ming Hu
AZ31B Magnesium alloy bars were prepared by solid-state recycling with different extruding ratio of 4:1, 11:1, 25:1, 44:1. Shear tests were conducted through designing and preparing shear specimens and fixture. The bonding between chips in recycled magnesium alloy by solid-state process was successfully...
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A study on the cleanser for terrestrial heating pipe

Di Zhao, Hai Zhao, Junqing Liu, Yixiang Hu, Hao Wang
In this paper, the cleanser for was prepared using sulfouren, citric acid and sulfamic acid. The performance of the chemical cleanser on corrosion and corrosion inhibition was studied. The results showed that, the rust deposit ratio of the cleanser at the regulated cleaning condition exceeds 95%, and...
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Infrared Detection and CT Analysis on High-Performance Concrete after Exposure to High Temperature

Hongxiu Du, Yaoyao Xu
The experiments of high-temperature for C60 high-performance concrete (HPC) mixed with 0% and 0.2% polypropylene fiber (PP) were carried out, respectively. The infrared thermographic inspection technology was applied to detect the damage of concrete after exposure to 20?"?~700?"?, then the relationship...
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Safety Navigation Control of Huangshi Bridge

Tongtong Lu, Zeyuan Shao, Huachao Peng, Wanzheng Ai, Honggang Zhang
Based on the analysis of the hydrological conditions, navigable conditions and navigable accidents of Huangshi Bridge, this paper puts forward the safety navigable control measures of Huangshi Bridge .
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Design and Implementation of Mobile Workflow Function Based on Power Grid Inspection Scenario

Gang Wang, Weimin Tang, Haiping Shen, Hai Yu, Xingchuan Bao, Min Xu, Zhansheng Hou, Haiyun Han, Lin Peng
In power grid inspection operations, there is an urgent need for mobile workflows based on power scenarios for on-site process management. This paper studies the workflow engine technology for power grid inspection operations, and designs a simple and easy-to-use mobile workflow architecture to guide...
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Research on virtual flux oriented synchronization algorithm for three-phase grid voltages

Lu Wang
To deal with the synchronization of three-phase grid-connected converters, a synchronization algorithm based on virtual flux orientation is proposed in this paper. By introducing a low-pass filter and a high-pass filter, the orthogonal components of the virtual flux under the stationary coordinate frame...
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Cd in Jiaozhou Bay is sourced from river flow, marine current and atmosphere deposition

Dongfang Yang, Zhenqing Miao, Xiaolong Zhang, Qi Wang, Haixia Li
Many marine bays have been polluted by many pollutants, and identifying the major pollution sources is essential to pollution control. This paper analyzed the distribution and pollution source of Cd in Jiaozhou Bay in 1988. Results showed that Cd contents in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay in April, July...
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Influence of rising tide and falling tide on settling process of Cd in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Chunhua Su, Yunjie Wu, Zhikang Wang, Sixi Zhu
Settling is one of the important transporting processes of pollutants in marine bay. Based on the analysis on the distributions of Cd in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay 1988, this paper defined the settling process. Results showed that Cd contents in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay in April and July 1988...
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Research on the Flexural Deformation of the Damping Valve Slice

Yijie Chen, Yafeng Zhang, Mengyan Xu, Fu Du, Peng Gui
The damping valve structure of shock absorber usually takes throttle slice as the main part, when the pressure difference at both ends of the valve and the pretightening force of the valve slice can be overcome, annular gap will be formed between the valve body and slice to form throttle channel, so...
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Analysis and Comparison of Network Information Security Encryption Technology

Qiuyan Tian, Hao Kang, Ting Ai, Long Fei
This article not only describes the network information security encryption mechanisms, but also analyzes the advantage of symmetric cryptography and asymmetric cryptography. It points out the problems which are noted in the application and compares the information encryption technology commonly used....
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Influence of Contaminated NH3 on Stress Corrosion Behavior of 7075 High Strength Aluminum Alloy in Marine Atmosphere Environment

Peiling Yan
The addition of NH4+ in NaCl which could simulate the marine atmosphere environment contaminated NH3accelerates the corrosion process of 7075 high strength aluminum alloys. The acceleration effect is mainly promoted by the reaction process of aluminum alloy cathode. This is due to the fact that NH4+...
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Vehicle Identification Using Wavelet Entropy and Particle Swarm Optimization Support Vector Machine

Fangzhou Bao, Koji Nakamura
In order to identify Ford vehicles from non-Ford vehicles, this paper proposed a novel method based on the combination of wavelet entropy, particle swarm optimization, and support vector machine. We collect a 100-image dataset, 50 are Ford vehicles and the rest 50 are non-Ford vehicles. The results show...
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A Brief Analysis of Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Scoring Statistical Prediction

Hongying Liu
With the development of the Internet and WEB technology over past years, a scoring statistical prediction model can be proposed given the item similarity and the recommended precision, so as to define users and item information. Based on this, a linear regression forecasting model is built and a corresponding...
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Augmented reality technology and its game application research

Ganghai Duan, Minglei Han, Weiqi Zhao, Tianhao Dong, Tingting Xu
Augmented reality technology is one of the hottest topics in the field of computer vision. This paper systematically reviews the research status of vision-based augmented reality technology. First, it outlines the current research status and application of augmented reality technology; secondly, it elaborates...
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Energy Saving Control of Solar LED Street Lamp Based on Microcontrollers

Fei Wang
In the modern society, the idea of energy saving and emission reduction has gradually permeated people’s production and life. In order to achieve this goal, all links in all industries should focus on the implementation of energy saving control. And specifically, the solar LED street lamp based on microcontroller...
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Computer Network safety and Precautionary Measures in the Big Data Era

Nu Zou, Xiaoyan Liu
With the increasing of information technology in China, and the intelligence of network building, the requirements for safety detection technology of network operation are raising both in depth and width. The state detection work needs to gather a large amount of data information, and the operation of...
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The Technology Realization of APP in University Libraries by the WeChat Official Account

Xiaoyan Liu, Nu Zou
In the informatization age, more and more industries have realized the significance of introducing information technological means and made it as an important driver. Similarly, in the development of colleges and universities, only by applying information technology means can the development of them...
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The Design and Implementation of the Flash Animation Film: CG Gallery

Xinyang Li, Mengsi Mao
Flash animation is a form of digital media with simple images, which is popular with exhibition activities, such as commercial advertising, online game planning and teaching simulation. Since the advent of animation for more than one hundred years, the animation making has long been a difficult business...
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The Application and Tendency of Computer Software Development Technology in the New Era

Xiaofang Tan
The concept of information has begun to permeate and integrate in all walks of life against the drop of the information age, has gradually become an important support for the industry. Meanwhile, the development of computer software has grown explosively. The computer itself has a logical function, which...
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Multi-factors Optimization Design of Pin-Fin Structure Using Respond Surface Method

Xiang Wang, Min Chen, Derrick Tate
This study aims to find out the optimized solution for coupled effects of parameters. Different turbulence models were studied and RSM (Response Surface Methodology) was the most appropriate one to deal with optimization of target and investigate interaction of different parameters. In design height...
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Analysis on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and Its controller for Electric Vehicle

Shuhua Liu, Kunlun Liu, Xingguo Zhang
The research and development of electric vehicles has become more and more common. This paper, according to the operating characteristics of electric vehicles motor, offers corresponding control strategies. Through experiments, the overall system of prototypes is excellent and can meet the needs of electric...
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Research on Biodegradable Films and Their Comparison with Ordinary Films

Yuqiu Yang, Jingjing Wu, Chunxiao Li, Houwei Wang, Derong LiN
As a new type of film, degradable film is now widely used and can be used to package a variety of fruits, vegetables, etc., the purpose of which is to achieve better preservation and delay the storage period. With the development of modern biology, more and more people pay attention to degradable film....
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Research on Optimal Allocation of Water Resources in Binzhou Based on Sustainable Development

Jinfang Sun, Miaomiao Cui, Hui Liang, Long Han, Wei Liu
Sustainable utilization of water resources in Binzhou was studied through the ecological footprint theory.All kinds of water resources were ecological surplus in 2012.The production water surplus was the largest, which was 0.1370hm2 per capita.The ecological water surplus was the smallest, which was...
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Design of fire control system for LNG reception station in Binzhou port

Baocheng Lu, Xiujun Nie, Zhaoqiang Li, Haijun Yang, Qingyun Sun
LNG berth is one of the key construction projects in Binzhou port. Its fire control design is the main part of the construction. According to the risk and characteristics of LNG, the design is designed according to the domestic relevant laws and regulations, and the plan and design scheme of the fire...
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Fast Intra CU Size Decision for HEVC Based on Machine Learning

Meng Wang, Junru Li, Xiaodong Xie, Yuan Li, Huizhu Jia
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the new generation of video coding standard. A quad-tree based Coding Unit (CTU) partitioning scheme is used to adapt to different video contents. However, it brings the dramatically increasing of coding complexity because there are a large amount of CU partition...
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A Novel method for license plate location

Jiawen Song, Chuang Zhu, Xiaodong Xie, Yuan Li, Meng Wang, Huizhu Jia
license plate location is one of the key steps for license plate recognition. With license plate recognition technology, police can better manage vehicle and this technique also give convenience to application such as parking fee charge. In this paper, we propose a novel method to locate license plate...
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Research on the Application of Skeleton Identification in the New Media Game

Jiajia Xu, Jing Yan, Haiyan Jiang
With the advent of era of intelligence, human skeleton identification and capture have drawn more and more attention. Human skeleton identification is the tendency of game design in the new media. However, there is a lack of theory about how to integrate skeleton identification with game design, and...
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A Case Study on the Competence of New Employees Engaged in Power System Communication

Li Li, Lizhi Wang, Wenming Wang, Yanheng Zhao, Wenhua Shi
This paper conducts a case study focus on the difference between the quality of university education and job position demands. The study conducts a survey in some new employees recruited in 2017 by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) to get their professional background and their entry level comprehensive...
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Inertial Measurement Unit/Odometer Integrated Position and Orientation Determination Method

Bo Yang, Bin Shan, Fujian Zhang, Liang Xue
An accurate integrated position and orientation determination method for vehicles is provided in this paper, which utilises inertial measurement unit (IMU) and odometer. Firstly, inertial navigation calculation is accomplished by the outputs of IMU, and the attitude and position of the vehicle can be...
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Research on the Impact of Engine Support Position on Dynamic Response

Fengjun Wang
The common arrangement form of engine support position includes three-point mounting or four-point mounting. In this paper, the form of symmetric three-point mounting was adopted, and 5 groups of numerical values were respectively used. An engine moved to the third supporting point through the support...
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Reason Analysis of Wheel Bag Crack in the Reliability Test of a Car and Structure Improvement Optimization

Yuan Han, Yuzhu Li
The reasons for the problem of wheel bag fracture in specific models in the process of reliability test were analyzed in the paper, and according to the actual structure and process requirements, corrective measures were put forward, and the reliability was once again demonstrated and verified.
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Design of a Single-and Double -Row Planetary Gear Oil-electric Hybrid Power Automobile Transmission System

Wenzi Gong
This paper introduces the transmission system of a single, double-row planetary gear oil-electric hybrid power automobile. The main drive motor and auxiliary drive motor cooperate with the corresponding planetary gear mechanism, which can realize different working modes and timely startup of gasoline...
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Design of On-board Xenon Warning Lamp Based on Modular Control

Yi Su
On-board xenon lamp (HID) has a series of advantages such as high luminous efficiency, high brightness, low energy consumption, high reliability, being not affected by on-board voltage fluctuation and long service life; especially in terms of the use of warning lamps, it has such advantages compared...
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Stability Analysis of Second Order and Third Order Kind of Tracking Differentiators Based on Lyapunov Method

Wenguang Zhang, Jianting Zheng, Lingdong Zeng, Junwei Lei
two kind of complex tracking differentiators are studied and its stability are proved by constructing Lyapunov function method. And the necessary condition for the input signal is that its derivative should be bounded. And according to the proof process, the stability and design of this kind of tracking...
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Some Simulation Examples and Stability Analysis of Third Order Homogeneous Systems

Wenguang Zhang, Lingdong Zeng, Jianting Zheng, Junwei Lei
Three kinds of third order systems was studied to check the stability of homogenous type systems. And a Lyapunov function is chose to prove the stability of homogenous nonlinear system and it was found that it is very difficult to prove the stability without homogenous theorem. Also numerical simulations...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of the Truck Rear Impact Energy -Absorbing Device

Min Li
To solve the defect of rear protective device of a truck which has no function of barrier and buffer energy-absorbing, a truck-mounted removable type rear protective device is designed. The impact energy is absorbed by mechanical shearing the metal bolt, is mainly used for highway truck is forced to...
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Research Review of Fault Diagnosis Method for High Engine Water Temperature

Feng Xia
There are many reasons for the high water temperature of the engine, such as cooling fan not working, fan control module circuit failure, insufficient cooling medium and PCM failure. Primarily based on the analysis of the engine failure in this paper, the reasons for the failures were found out, and...
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An Analysis on Application Prospects and Problems of IT in Hospital

Shengli Hu
The article first discusses the Internet has broad application prospects in the field of medicine and health care. Secondly, it points out that the application faces several problems at present, such as, loss of medical standards, poor IT technology, security threat, lack of site code resources, lack...
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Image Denoising Research Based on Extreme Filtering

Lihua Sun, Enliang Zhao
Median filtering algorithm can make the edge details of the image fuzzy when it is used to remove noise of an image. In this paper a method based on extreme filtering is put forward for image denoising. Firstly extreme filtering algorithm is used to determine whether a pixel is a signal point or a suspicious...
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Research on Simulation of Anti-lock Braking System Based on MATLAB

Fengping Cao, Chunmei Chen, Lifa Zhou
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a system that automatically adjusts the braking force of the wheels when the vehicle is braking. It can prevent the wheels from locking to obtain the best braking effect, and improve the directional stability of the automobile. In the paper, the ABS system models based...
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Study on Simulation for Vehicle Ride Comfort Based on MATLAB

Fengping Cao, Chunmei Chen, Lifa Zhou
Ride comfort is an important performance index of a automobile, and it directly affects people's riding comfort. Suspension system is an important factor affecting the ride comfort of the car. In the paper, the influence of suspension on vehicle ride comfort was analyzed, then a model of automobile suspension...
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Safety Protection Implementation for Automotive Repair Information Disclosure Service Platform

Guoliang Dong, Hong Jia, Haiying Xia
Automotive repair information disclosure service platform is deployed on the internet which is open to the web users. The system’s security should be seriously considered. The safety methods and technology applied in the process of deploying is discussed, such as institutional construction, server protection,...
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Finite-time Passivity Control for a Kind of Nonlinear System Based on T-S Fuzzy Model

Enliang Zhao, Lihua Sun, Baoyan Zhu, Chunling Chang
By means of Lyapunov function and the finite-time theory, the problems of finite-time boundedness and passive control for a kind of nonlinear system described by T-S fuzzy model are studied. The sufficient conditions, which maintain finite-time boundedness and satisfy the passive control performance...
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Domain Topic and Hidden Deep Web Data Extracting

Liming Du, Abdulhamid Yahaya, Gui Li, Fengying Wang, Jie Dong
This paper mainly studies the method of extracting web data entities based on domain. Through the analysis of real estate industry websites, a topic-oriented topic extracting model is proposed, and the corresponding search strategy is given. In addition, for the case of depth information, a sorting-based...
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Research on Recognition and Carving Techniques of Monitoring Video Fragments based on Structural Features

Xu Chang, Jian Wu, Shanshan Pei
The purpose of this paper is to research how to identify and restructure the binary data fragments which were stored on device efficiently and accurately. Take widely used AVI video file format for example, we proposed a method to identify fragments and carve them into files based on structural features,...
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Research on and Analysis of Data network security state of Henan Electric power system

Lijie Wu, Yinlin Ren, Wencui Li, Zhiyuan An, Ningning Zhang
With the expansion of the electric power system data business requirements, study the security of electric power data network is more and more, the safety of the structure and function of the network itself got extensive attention. This paper studies the accord with the characteristics of Henan electric...
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Research on Information Communication Carrier Network Frame of the Directly Affiliated Units of Energy Firms

Xiaoyun Zhang, Yan Liu, Yinlin Ren, Wencui Li, Xiong Li
At present, the information communication network of the directly affiliated units of energy firms has many problems, such as diverse access mode, weak operation and maintenance strength, and insufficient network bandwidth, leading to the consequences that the network construction standard is differentiated,...
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Detection of Glasses Sliding State And Automatic Adjustment

Kai Lin, Hao Hu, SiYi Zhang, Pei Zhang, Wei Yang
This paper introduces an improvement of traditional glasses, which is combined with some sensors and motors that can detect the falling state and make auto adjustment. This product focuses more on the user’s comfort comparing with other smart glasses. The passage also demonstrates the principle of the...
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Application of Intelligent Information Retrieval For Big Data Oriented Brain Science

Baoxian Jia
With the development of brain and cognition technology, the research on brain science is more and more thorough. And big data related to brain science is emerging. How to acquire and share these data in time is a very urgent problem in the development of brain science. Traditional information retrieval...
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Research on Sliding Mode-PID Composite Control Optimization of Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator

Jing Li, Hui Hong, Donghua Xin
Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator (EHA) has developed rapidly in airborne flight control systems due to its compact structure, high energy efficiency and easy control. However, because of the strong nonlinearity of EHA system and external uncertainties, simple PID control cannot achieve the ideal control...