Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Advances in Energy, Environment and Chemical Science

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Effects Of Different Irrigation Amounts And Vermiculite Laying Modes On Poinsettia Water Consumption Characteristics And Water Use

Jie Li, Zhen-zhong Wu, Qi-jian Wang, Wei-bing Jia, Qi-liang Yang
Two irrigation treatments (W1,total irrigation amount was12L.W2,total irrigation amount was 6L) and three vermiculite laying methods (Z0, no vermiculite. Z2, vermiculite was laid on the surface of the pot.Z2, vermiculite was laid in the bottom of the pot) were designed in the trial. The results showed...
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Application Design Of An Integrated Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Device Based On Solar Power

Yiwang Wang, Youshun Ni, Xiaoxiao Dong, Xiang Cang, Jili Zhang, Shuai Zhang, Chen Hai
According to the new application requirements of outdoor air quality monitoring system,a novel outdoor air quality device was designed in this paper.The device utilizes solar power supply, combined with digital control, wireless communications, LED display and other technologies, to realize air quality...
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Overview Of Water And Fertilizer Integration Development

Huaiguo Zheng, Limin Chuan, Jingjuan Zhao, Sufen Sun, Junfeng Zhang
Fertigation (Integrated management of water and fertilizer) aims to control irrigation water and nutrient application comprehensively according to crop requirements, in order to promote fertilizer nutrients uptake by water, and to enhance water and nutrient use efficiency in farmland. This paper analyzed...
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Fabrication And Photocatalytic Activity Of Fishbone-like PbMoO4 Via Separation-assembly Coupling Technique Based On A Supported Liquid Membrane System

Qingchun Chen
Self-assembly fishbone-like PbMoO4 were fabricated via separation of Pb2+ from plumbeous solution and combining with MoO42- in another solution containing organic dye, based on a supported liquid membrane (SLM) system. The photocatalytic activity of PbMoO4 to degrade the organic dye was measured, which...
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Investigation Of Full Scale Engineering Application On Bio-pretreatment Process For Upgrading Drinking Water Quality

Jiajiong Xu, Jun Ma, Yuzhu Fan, Shuo Zhang, Min Rui, Huakan Lu
Surface water in Hangjiahu area is characterized by high content of NH3-N and organic micro-pollutants, which is in need of biological pretreatment process in water treatment plant. Based on the comparison of the characteristics of four biological pretreatment processes such as biological oxidation pond,...
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Study On The Preparation And Electrochemical Properties Of Nano ZnO/polyaniline Composite Anticorrosive Coating

Zijun Liao, Chuxiao Lin, Changjiang Yang, Yifan Jia, Peng Wu, Sen Qiao
A nano ZnO/polyaniline composites was obtained in situ polymerization of polyaniline nano zinc oxide surface, using ammonium persulfates as the oxidant, through a silane coupling agent KH550. And the secondary Doped Nanometer ZnO/polyaniline was obtained using HCl, phosphoric acid and sulfosalicylic...
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Analysis And Modification Of Scaling Differentiation Of Spray Towers In Tianshengqiao Converter Station

Shuyong Guo, Feng Zheng, Xueyan Shi
When disassembling and checking the outer cold water pipeline of the third cooling tower in Tianshengqiao Station, we found that the scaling circumstances of the outer cold water pipeline inwall of the 1# tower, 2# tower and 3# tower are very different from that of the radiating coiler. In the 3 cooling...
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The Integration Study Of High Binding Concrete Energy Storage Piles

Liguang Xiao, Dawei Jiang
This paper was directed to solve the energy-saving and environmental protection technology. Solved the practical problem of the significant reduce of mechanical property when we putted the heat transfer pipes into the concrete pile, and solved the problem of the thin air layer between the concrete and...
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Lonic Liquids-based Ultrasonic -assisted Extraction Of Total Flavonoids From Manilkara Zapota Leaves

Feiyue Ma, Qiong Fu, Xiumei Zhang, Yuge Liu
In the present research, single-factor experiments and a three-variable, five-level central composite design were performed to study on the ionic liquids-based ultrasoni-assisted extraction of total flavonoids from Manilkara zapota leaves. The optimum parameters were: 0.95 M [C4MIM]Br, liquid/ solid...
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Experimental Study On The Heat Transfer Performance Of Porous Metal Fiber Sintered Sheet

Bin Liu, Bo Ma, Xin-gang Wang, Li Zhang, Jing-yang Ye
In this paper, a new kind of porous metal fiber sintered sheet (PMFSS) with high porosity was fabricated with cutting stainless steel fiber. And heat transfer experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of porosity and flow rate on the heat transfer properties of PMFSS. Metal fibers formed a...
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Preparation And Property Of PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Modified By Graphene

Beifu Wang, Qingtao Wu
In order to improve the hydrophilicity and mechanical strength of the membrane, the modified PVDF ultrafiltration membranes were prepared by the phase inversion method with different contents of nano graphene dispersed uniformly in the PVDF casting solution. In the experiment, the effect of graphene...
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Modification Of Black Liquor And Naphthalene Formaldehyde Superplasticizer And Research On Concrete Performance

Tailong Zhang, Jianming Gao, Bing Qi, Yanling Liu
A new kind of Naphthalene Formaldehyde Superplasticizer (M20N80) was prepared through the modification of black liquor and Naphthalene Formaldehyde Superplasticizer (N) through an Fe2+-H2O2 reaction system. The synthesis process and synthesis mechanism of M20N80 was introduced. Infrared spectrum analysis...
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Reuse Of Neutral Red-loaded Wheat Straw For Adsorption Of Congo Red From Solution In A Fixed-bed Column

Jinfang Miao, Lifang Liu, Yizhen Lu, Yueqi Song, Runping Han
In this study, wheat straw loaded with neutral red was reused to adsorb congo red (CR) from aqueous solution in a fixed-bed column. Compared to wheat straw, adsorption capacity of NR-loaded wheat straw towards CR was significantly higher. The the flow rate, the influent concentration of CR and bed depth...
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Adsorption Of Neutral Red From Aqueous Solution By Wheat Husk In A Fixed-bed Column

Yubin Jiao, Jaiqi Zhang, Gening Bi, Runping Han
In this study, the ability of wheat straw to adsorb neutral red (NR) from aqueous solution was investigated in a fixed-bed column. The effects of the flow rate, the influent concentration of NR and bed depth on breakthrough curves, were studied. The adsorption quantity was 26.4 mg/g at initial NR concentration...
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The Portion Effect Of LNBR On The Tribological And Characteristic Properties Of Nitrile-butadiene Rubber

Enqiu He, Shijie Wang, Liming Tang, Jingyu Li
Frictional behaviors of nitrile rubber of screw pump stators with liquid nitrile rubber (LNBR) as a plasticizer with different mass portions(5,10,15,20) are investigated by the MPV-600 wear tester, and their physical properties and curing characteristics are studied. The morphologies of worn surface...
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The Sources Of Atmospheric Particulate Matter Pollution In A Water Head Site Of Beijing In Winter Months

Xinyue Guo, Hongbing Ji, Cai Li, Yang Gao
11 atmospheric particulate matter sampling sites was created around Miyun reservoir to analyze the mineral composition, element concentration and sources of atmospheric particulate matter pollution by using ICP-MS and XRD analysis. The results show that there are many iron minerals and some unweathered...
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Summer Mass Transportation In The Beibu Gulf

Chengqi He, Angang Lou, Yafei Liu, Shuai He
We establish a three dimensional current field using Mike3 Flow Model in the Beibu Gulf. The accuracy is verified by comparing the current data with the measured data of an offshore oil platform. We calculate the wind-tide coupled current by adding the daily mean wind field. On this basis and decoupling...
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Phase Synchronization In Small-world Network Composed Of Fractional-order Chaotic Oscillator

Feng Chen, Xiaodan Shao, Long Sheng
In this paper, we propose a small-world network model composed of fractional-order R”ssler oscillators. We investigate the phase synchronization in this fractional-order chaotic oscillator network. Through numerical simulations, it is found that the fractional-order chaotic phase synchronization is dependent...
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Stannate Conversion Coatings For AM60B Magnesium Alloy

Suqiu Jia, You Zhou, Shuyan Jia
A stannate conversion coating was designed for AM60B magnesium alloys. The influences of temperature and time on the surface morphology and phase composition have been tested using scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD), respectively.Additionally,potentiodynamic polarization tests...
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Numerical Analysis Of The T-stub Beam-to- Column Hysteretic Behavior Affected By Beam Height

Zeshen Li, Ying Su, Keshi Zhang
In this paper, we established a 3D nonlinear finite element analysis to high-strength bolt T-stub beam-to-column connections, Study and discussion the influence of beam section height to the hysteretic behavior, ductility and dissipation capacity of the beam-to-column connections . The results showed...
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Effect Of Composite Spinneret Systems On The Formation Of Helical Nanofibers Via Electrospinning

Wenhua Ding, Huihui Wu, Yongchun Zeng
In this work, we report an approach to prepare helical nanofibers via co-electrospinning. The results of the experiment demonstrate that Composite spinneret is necessary for the formation of helical fibers. The off-centered system could produce more uniform helical structures. In order to explore the...