Open repository

As a scientific publisher, our mission is to facilitate scientific communication by using the latest technology and methods, both for Web and print publications and with the least possible barriers, both technical and financial. Most of our publications are therefore available in Open Access mode in our freely accessible electronic repository. Printed books are sold at moderate prices, so that any interested reader will be able to buy them. This way we guarantee full and almost unconstrained access to your work!

Peer review

In order to guarantee the quality of our publications we only accept articles or books for publication in our repository which have been peer-reviewed by at least 2 external reviewers, which is the current standard for scientific journals, proceedings and books.


Atlantis Press adheres to the principles of Creative Commons (CC BY-NC), meaning that we do not claim copyright of the work we publish. We only ask people using one of our publications to respect the integrity of the work and to refer to the original location, title and author(s).

Linking and Indexing

Offering free access to the articles and chapters in our repository is not enough: they should also be easily accessible. Any of our publications will have a digital object identifier (DOI). DOI’s are standardised digital identities used across all major scientific publishers and managed by CrossRef. Now, instead of referring to the article’s physical location (URL), which may change over time, using the DOI allows for a permanent and unique reference which will last over time, irrespective of the article’s location.

Furthermore, we submit all our publications to the major indexing databases, including EI/Compendex, ISI, CPCI, Scopus, Current Contents/Physics, Chemical, & Earth Science, CompuMath Citation Index, Mathematical Review, etc.

Interoperable storage

Full-text articles and chapters are stored in our database use standard formats (PDF and XML) allowing them to be seen in any browser. For the metadata of the articles we use common standards allowing for full exchange and integration with other metadata repositories. Our articles can also be harvested as we use common Open Archive standards. 



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